Qu-ax 20" Trials, pre-ISIS with some upgrades


I’m selling my Qu-ax 20" trials, nothing wrong with it, as good as new (minor scratches). It’s just picking up dust in the garage. I live in Finland so Europe would be the first choice but I can ship anywhere as long as the buyer pays for the delivery.


Saddle: Qu-ax slim trials/street with yellow bumpers (upgraded from the original, “fatter”-shaped MUni saddle)

Seat post: original black cromo, cut a bit from original length to fit lower style riding

Seat post clamp: two-bolt

Frame: original black cromo

Hub: yellow 48-spoke, 10 splines

Cranks: 145mm black, some minor scratches, haven’t been used for grinding though

Pedals: Qu-ax yellow magnesium (upgraded)

Rim: Alex 48 (upgraded)

I can add some pics here in a few days’ time if anybody shows interest

Price: 100EUR + shipping costs paid by the purchaser

Eero Tähtinen, Turku Finland

Pics? Willing to go to U.S.:o







Hi, I’m new to the forum …

you still have the unicycle qu-ax 20 "trial?
As would be the shipping?

I have it, still interested?


much would a shipment to Spain?
is in good state?
trial is not it?

I’m interested, but wanted to know what the shipping costs.
Be interested to the shipping costs and let me know.

I hope your answer as soon as possible
regards .

sold. this thread can now be closed or locked whichever please you. :slight_smile:

could you please post some pics on this. i might be interested.