Qu Ax 20" Trials, MUNI

Selling my Qu Ax because I never ride it anymore. Adult owned. It’s in good shape with normal scratches. No dents, bends, or broken parts. I’m gonna sell this cheap so it will move fast. I need the money for a trials bicycle.
$225 takes it plus shipping costs.
Jay :smiley:
jaynovero at gmail dot com

qu ax 5.BMP (900 KB)

That wheelset isn’t Isis splined is it?


I honestly don’t know if it’s an isis, but I know it’s splined. Someone on here can answer that for you I’m sure. Or, go to the Qu Ax website and check it out.
Buy it!!

I believe that it’s 10 spline.

is the uni sold, and how low can you go,
also, how much to ship to colorado?

check PM

I’ve got a wheelset with a hub like that but different cranks (the street style 125s) and those cranks fit my Koxx-one “isis” hub but got loose every little while. Maybe you can deduct something from that.