Qu-ax 20" Trials help

This is #1400 with 10 splined set w/ 48spoke wheel.

I saw this uni on UDC and I was thinking about buying it.
I was just wondering if any body knows how high of drops it can stand.
I’m about 155lbs and I’d like to do atleast 3 foot drops.
I figured I should buy this uni or the KH 20".
Thanks for the help

3 foot drops is nothing for a splined qu-ax. It’s one of the strongest unis on the market.

I say go for it.

yes get it it is amazing i have got 1 it is on the tad heavy buit not majourly.

I weight 65 Kg and have dropped off 6 feet stuff with no problems at all…

qu-ax makes damn strong unicycles. you can be sure of that.

I have one and its amazing. I’ve done 3 - 4 foot drops on it and it was fine.

The question isn’t if the Qu-Ax is strong enough, the question is wether your ankles can take the abuse of the drops, the Qu-Ax surely will…

Thanks a lot. I think I’ll order it this weekend

ive done repeated 4 1/2ft drops on my cheap 20" uni and its held up fine so i thnik you’ll have no probs with it, buy it do it

Save your cash

The Qu, dx and KH are all tough. The real question, my cheap friend, is how to save money? Are you willing to spend the rest of your life riding a 20" trials bike that is 2 lbs. heavier so that you can save 200$ ?
If not, you will quit the sport, or buy the KH next.
There is a reason that only KH lists the weight like it matters. He is the only one that has customers that think it does.
A 100 dollar a pound is a steal. To bring that 20" down to 10 lbs. would cost thousands.

well actually, the qu-ax really isnt much heavier…
and koxx1 lists weight everywhere on there site…

also onza has their weight on there… and so do Nimbus uni’s…

Yeah. W/ all of these as price goes up, weight goes down, w/ KH being the lightest stock splined trials.

to be honest at first i found mie abit heavy but it felt solid and now im used to the weight and its boss i couldent realy tell it from anouther uni weight. i got used to it and its only 0.55kg heavyer than the koxx 0.22 heavyer than the nimbus 0.75kg heavyer than the onza and i dnt know the kh weight and cba the matter is that it is a good strong good built quality looks cool and realyisent that heavy if yo think it is you must be quite weak.as it hasent affected my riding at all.if anything its improved my riding.

100$ a pound

Well, you got me there Craig. I am old, fat and weak. In fact, despite my advanced knowledge of metalurgy and the near certainty that it cannot be scientifically proven, I am possessed with a certainty that all unicycles will feel heavier the longer I own them.
The idea that practicing on a 14 lb 20" all the time instead of a 12 lb. one of equal quality will mysteriously help your riding is lame and stupid. Were it not so, the most popular product on UDC would be lead weights for your frame, so that you can have that special feeling that “can only help your riding .” You may likely be a better rider then me, sir, but you are weak in understanding design.

Stop arguing. Save that for political JC threads.

I have a 20" Qu-ax splined, and I absolutely love it. It’s amazing quality for the price, and yes it can take a lot of abuse. My only complaint about the stock uni is the pedals; the pins just don’t keep as much traction as my 24" DX muni does, but of course you can always upgrade. I highly recommend this uni.

I’ll honestly do stuff on it were when I’m done I check the uni all over to see if anything broke, then I’m suprised that it comes out none the worse for the wear.

lol that post shows all the reasons why everyone should stop listening to you :stuck_out_tongue:

It may not help your riding skills per se, but it will make things feel a lot better.

If you ride a heavy uni for a long time, lets say a Summit uni, then switch to a 07 KH uni, its not gonna increase your skills on things, its just gonna make them feel a lot better and quicker to do.

Whats odd, though, I always hear how the DX is heavier than the Qu-Ax, but my friend Zach got a Qu-Ax a few months ago, and cut down the seat post tons to have it at the low saddle height he rides with, and put lighter, grippier pedals on it, but side by side with my DX, my uni is lighter. =p

Same tire? The Maxxis CC is 300 grams lighter than the Luna.

Yep, we both have a Maxxis CC on both our unicycles.

Im gonna weight them today if I get a chance to get the right numbers, but uni feels almost a pound lighter.