Qu-Ax 20-inch Trials Unicycle vs. Nimbus Hoppley

I have been planning on buying the Nimbus Hoppley for a while but now udc has this other unicycle on there for $65 less. Is the Qu-Ax any better or any worse. I would assume it isn’t quite as great becuase of the price but idk. And if anybody knows which one is lighter. My soonest chance to buy a new uni to replace my torker lx with a bent rim is tomorrow. So any replies would be appreciated. Thx

I haven’t actually ridden a Qu-Ax, but the nimbus hoppley is a great sturdy uni. I think it has a stronger rim, and it has qu-ax cranks. It has a KH hub on it, which I assume is stronger than the qu-ax, or else they would put a qu-ax hub on it. the frames on both unis are very similar, but the hoppley frame is p. coated blue. I’m not sure how the seatposts differ, but from what I’ve seen, they both seem strong. The nimbus gel seat is very good for street, trials, and flatland, but not very good(for me at least) for distance. I don’t know how comfy the qu-ax seats are, but they look similar to KH seats.

The weights are probably very similar.(around 14 pounds give or take)

hope this helps,

ps. I think Forrest(uni freak) is sponsered by and rides Qu-Ax unis.

i ride qu-ax for 1 year, did some really crazy drops, street freestyle and muni with him

it is like new

except the tire is warn off

i say go for qu-ax it is great

Yeah lets see… The hoppley will probablly be a little lighter, I don’t know the exact weights though. The freeride rim is a little stronger, but depending on wether or not they ship the newer Qu-Ax rim (they have the old one pictured) the newer Qu-Ax rim is wider then the KH freeride rim.

I’m not sure about hub strength, I would say they are very similar but I’m sure some people would argue for both sides.

So the differences are small…Yes the Hoppley is better in some minor ways, but you definitly won’t be sorry with the Qu-Ax if you don’t think the extra money is worth it.

Okay the weights (not exact but there about) are

Qu-Ax: 14.4 lbs/6.5 kg
Hoppley: 13.93 lbs/6.32 kg

So ‘about’ a half pound difference, less then I thought they were.

so forrest. In your oppion you think that the Nimbus Hoppley isn’t worth the extra money over the Qu-Ax?

Well, not really. If you have the extra money go for the hoppley, but yeah the Qu-Ax is a great trials uni.

I am going to get the hoppley then from what you guys say. Thanks for all the help. And does anybody know how long it usually takes udc to ship a unicycle.

Why can’t I get the Nimbus hoppley on Unicycle.com anymore???It’s GONE!!! :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: !!!

Anyone know where it went or when if it will be back? :thinking:


is the hoppley any good thinking about buying it tonight

idk about the nimbus… but i have a qu-ax and love it, i wish it was a bit lighter and shorter cranks (im small) but besides that it is SWEET:D

Now that the Nimbus ISIS trials is out, everything else seems over priced, except the KH, in comparison.

This Nimbus is $110 less than the hopley and even less than the other good splined trials unis. Its crown has a low clearance to the tire, making feet on frame/tire tricks easier and all of the steel frame ISIS unis are about the same weight. The only possible downside is I’m not sure if the cranks are as strong as KH Momenents or Onza ISIS(3 mm longer and a bit more Q-factor) cranks, but you could upgrade to one of those for only a bit more when you buy it.