Qu-Ax 20'' Cross

My brother just got into trials unicycling and we are thinking about getting him Qu-Ax Cross for his B-Day. Is this a good unicycle that will hold up without bending on his first 3 foot drop? Is it worth the money or should he just get a DX?

Definitely the DX. The Qu-Ax isn’t splined (less strong) and the DX is (indestructible under normal circumstances).

get the dx

Wonderfully put. I agree, the DX definitely.

the au-ax cross is splined. Its just not got as strong a hub or cranks as the DX.

Tbh it would holod fine to 3foot drops, but the DX is stronger and at nearly the same price probably more worth it.

I’ve written a Review of the Cross. Hope it helps.

I have the Qu-ax Cross 20". And I have done a 3 1/2 foot drops and I dont hear anything. It still runs perfect. Get The Qu-ax. Better Frame too. And its Cheaper. Splined hub and Cranks…


yes get it! i have it myself and it is worth it very indrestuctable it is very worth the money!!! get it!

Okay listen. There are two different types of Qu-Ax Cross, the newer one (linked to above) is not a true 19" trials, but it has a 2.3 Maxxis Tire. This is also the one that has Light ISIS Spline (splined, but hollow and light, therefore not quite as strong as most splined hubs)

Now the older Qu-Ax Cross, the one that is 19" trials, Maxxis Creepy Crawler trials tire, is not splined.

if u live in the US…then get the DX. I had not realised the new qu-ax cross was not a 19" trials uni. IN fact i might get one for freestyle now u mention it… LOL