Qu-AX 114 mm Cranks

Lightweight cranks to fit ISIS hubs, designed for freestyle riding not heavy jumping.

Material: Aluminium
Lengths: 114 mm
Weight: 270 grams
Type: ISIS splined
Q-Factor: Zero - This is the amount a crank bends outwards. Zero means it doesn’t lean outwards at all. The straighter the crank the better for speed, the wider the better for ankle clearance and greater manoeuvrability.

These cranks will fit all unicycle ISIS hubs with the exception of Koxx ‘ISIS’ hubs.

I bought them last year but I’ve NEVER used them. They are perfect, in the original condition.

The price in italy (where i live and bought them) is 30€. So I sell them for 20€ (about 28,70 $)

If you are interested, please contact me at f3d3.96@live.it

Bye! :slight_smile: