Q's about UNIVERsE 2

  1. Why is only the ‘s’ small in the title?

  2. Was the lady sketching the space needle posing as unaware?

  3. What’s that machinery Ryan is hopping on and bends his seatpost?

  4. When can I order my copy of Universe 3?

To answer your questions…
the “i” is lower case too.


I have a question, did Dan put a retarded picture in for my rider profile? Because he promised me he would.


I would have to say that yes, he did.

One of my favorite parts is the scary guy that gets right up in the camera and says," You guys are gonna hurt yourselves… straight up."

And then you guys do indeed hurt yourselves.

Oh, I just remembered Ryan’s “gut buster” on the hand railing.

good stuff… Mojoe

Re: Q’s about UNIVERsE 2

Dylan Wallinger <Dylan.Wallinger@noemail.message.poster.at.unicyclist.com>
>I have a question, did Dan put a retarded picture in for my rider
>profile? Because he promised me he would.

Yes he did.

I wouldn’t call your picture actually retarded, Dylan. Psycho maybe. Or just extremely happy. Man you did some awesome riding in there.

If there is a UNiVERsE 3, and it comes out on the same schedule as UNiVERsE 2, then we can expect it in 2006 or so. Just think what madness will have been pulled off by then!!

Anyway, just watched it all AGAIN, tonight. Man it makes me want to go out and ride. Can’t wait for Moab.


Now I’m even more puzzled :frowning:


So it’s just me then :angry:

what about universe 1?
did that also feature the extreme case-hopping in the title?


Your profile (along with Doerkson’s) totally make the movie.

Yup, Both the “i” and 's" are lower case but the “i” is full height in both I & II.

I can understand the “i” thing to bring out the “Uni” but why the small “s”?


Inquiring minds want to know.

Well I designed the cover and I dont really know either, it just kinda looks cool. I’m not sure if there was any meaning behind it per say, but the name is the same as in the first one, so it would be stupid to change it for the second one.

My reason for liking it with the small s is a weight of the text issue, the movie is Uni-Verse per say not just universe. Making the small i puts emphasis on the uni. The s is small because one small i in the middle of a all capitalized word gets swallowed up and then the emphasis on it no longer has the same meaning. Why not other letters? because the word is broken up into phenetical parts with the s small, the word universe is different in pronuciation than the movies title, Uni-Ver-Se. This is simply my interpretation of why the i and s are small, I do not know for sure if this is what dan was thinking when he originally used it for the first movie.

So dont be confused at UNiVERsE 2 be confused at UNiVERsE thats where the real problem comes from.


Alright! Thanks Mike :slight_smile:

Nice job, Chex! An excellent cover. I had no idea that you were involved.

BTW did you guys catch Ryan’s Coker drop? :smiley:

Yeah! Is that the stock wheel on his Coker?

LOL. No, that’s the original Strongest Wheel (#0001). The cranks were trashed, but the wheel was fine and is in operation today. The stock wheel would have been a pile of jumbled metal. That measured 7.5 foot drop was part of our tests. He and Ben PS and others also did benches, picnic tables, stairs, loading docks, and retaining walls that day as part of Strongest Wheel tests done at NAUCC 2003.

Did he wipe out on that drop because of broken cranks?

I think my SCWITW will have Qu-ax Hub/cranks.

Back to the dilemma of lower case i and s…i sat looking at the title for no less than 10 minutes when i first saw it. Tryin to make out words that may have been formed with those letters. All i got was Uni, is, and unvere. so i made up that it meatn uni is vere (Very) awesome. The awesome came about becuase the movie was awesome. And that is my nonsense.

question off of sofas note: Do you prefer KH hub/cranks or qu-ax hub/cranks?? for a muni??

Having only ridden once or twice with either, I can’t say, I just know that the qu-ax goes down to 127’s