qa-ax cross?

i did a search and found verry little, but yes once i heal from my injury i plan on getting a 20 inch unicycle for street. mayble light trials nothing extream i got a 24 dx for that …but yes i have been planning on purchasing either a qu-ax cross or a nimbus.
there have been threads about this but they all seemed 2 be about the splinned qu-ax
…(i am wondering which one out of the nimbus and the unsplined qa-ax)

which will last the longest with street and mild drops. i think the most might be about 3feet and if im feeling craza maybe 4 but nothing more…the qu-ax is only like 19 dollars more so im willing 2 spring that money if its better. but i just want 2 make sure that the nimbus isnt just as good or better.


I vote for the qu-ax.

So do I. The splined Qu-Ax is a great trials, but when you get to non-splined, I’m not sure about it. I’d be willing to bet the non splined Qu-Ax hub is stronger than the Nimbus, though… I would trust them more than Nimbus.

Also, the newer Qu-Ax’s have a wider stronger rim than before, so that part beats the Nimbus too. I’ve heard of the Nimbus rim having weird problems…

doues the qu-ax cross have a lift handle i cant tell with the angle of the pic i kinda dousnt look like it has one…if not wich handle would work on it

I’d go for the Nimbus, for a few reasons:

Its got an eyeletted 36-hole rim, which is very strong and is compatible with any other hubset if you break the hub and want to upgrade. The 48-spoke qu-ax would mean you have to buy another rim as well.

The tyre is better, I know it makes little difference but the Luna is considerably better than the CC, it’ll last longer and makes for a nice, stable, controllable fold.

The hub is probably stronger, although not having had a cotterless hub for trials I can’t really tell. I’d say the difference would be marginal if there is any.

Nimbus frames are bomb-proof, and the new 25.4mm dia. seatposts make it much stronger than the older 22.2mm ones.

Proper KH saddle, not some cheap knock-off. It has a handle on it as well… pretty critical for trials, really.

John will support any difficulties you may have through defects. They’re made & designed by UDC so they know what goes wrong. Roger here in the UK has replaced cranks for free if they break or bend within a certain time, so you can expect decent customer support for a UDC unicycle.

Its cheaper.


You can get the cross with or without a handle.

The seat isn’t a cheap knock off, I like it better for trials than the older KH’s at least. It’s thinner and flatter.

The new Qu-Ax rims are great, I’ve seen them.

would you have 2 call 2 specify the handle…

and wouldnt the qa-ax be easier 2 upprade…lets say i bend the cranks or break the hub woulndt it be easier 2 buy qa-ax splined hubset or is that same hub set compatable with the nimbus

No, the qu-ax is 48 spoke, the nimbus is 36. Doesn’t matter either way, if you break either rim UDC has replacments, although I HIGHLY doubt you will anytime soon at the very least.

you can just email udc or call them, specify in your oder that you want a handle. I don’t think it costs extra…

i could have sworn in your movies you had a nimbus …but i might be wrong

nvm i just read another post that you said what you had

yeah i have a bedford uni…have u considered getting a bedford light uni?? $200 CDN

yea but the shipping would be enormous wouldnt it i live in florida so…

i just might but how is it better than both the nimbus or qa-ax?

shippping isn’t bad. beford’s only in canada not across some ocean, plus he’s great to deal with.

I don’t know about the nimbus but on the french forum there has been load of threads on the “qu-ax Cross” subject…
what remains of all this is that you can break a Qu-ax cross hub on a 50cm drop (1.5 feet) if you weight more than 60 kg. :angry:
I think they get weak with time.

i have the nimbus

ive not broke it yet however ive not been doing big drops.

i “broke” my cranks by putting them on the wrong way
but my dad spoke to UDC and thry sent me a new pair for free

i like the peddles on the nimbus

and ermmmm ive not had tpo change anything out of the box (sept them cranks) the tire doesnt creak or snap or make any noises

the top of the forks are good for 1 footed ot gliding/coasting

:smiley: if you want mine im thinking about selling it and getting a KH but i will miss my nimbus

ooooo and its white

and my spelling sucks

how much would you be willing 2 sell it for…and doues any one have pics of a bedford light trials and or specs

shipping would cost loads. From the UK after all

and i dunno how much i could sell it for??

o yea i forgot your in the uk

i just think i will save my sheckles for a splinned uni. i have a torker dx 24 so i think i might get the 20 but how is it for street i heard alot of threads about it being an ok trials uni but how bout for street is it 2 heavy or is that workable

the 20, IMO, is great for street and trials, the weight isnt bad at all, it took me about 10mins to get used to have an extra few pounds on there, and it hold up great, most ive done on it so far are an 8-set and about 5 foot drops, and the most that has happened is i broke a tiny peice of the welgo pedal on my left, and the spokes have gotten loose about 3 times, other than that, its great =p