Q: three wheel giraffes

Can someone tell me if a three wheel giraffe is much harder to ride then an
ordinary giraffe. It seems that the three wheeler would have greater drive train
friction then a chain driven unicycle. Is this much of a problem? Do they weigh
a lot? It seems that the frame would have to be pretty sturdy to kept from
twisting. Since one can not (?) stand on the wheel to mount, can they still be
free mounted. I sure would appreciate some information if anyone owns one or has
ridden one.

Thanks Mark

Re: Q: three wheel giraffes

One of our club members has a 3 wheel giraffe with 3 16" wheels made by Tom
Miller. I have trouble riding it because of slipage. I suspect the problem would
be resolved by rotating the tires more often. e.g Move the scuffed up bottom
tire to the top on a periodic basis and keeping the pressure up high. Others
don’t seem to have as much trouble on the same uni so I expect the rider’s
weight is also a factor. I think 16" wheels are better than 20" as 20" is just
to big, to heavy, and too tall. I am sure others disagree.

                           Bill Gilbertson