Q: For advertising an event, should I build a web site or use Facebook?

I don’t need anything fancy, just a place for folks to get information, find links, etc…

I can get a free web site on Gmail and of course through Facebook.

I guess what I’m wondering is which would be easier to access and use from the forum members’ perspective?

I recommend not to use facebook. Not everyone has an account or is willing to register. In my opinion Facebook should only be an addition the a web site but not the main source of information.


Making a basic website is not difficult and anyone can access it.

You can buy a domain name which refers to you facebook page directly.

Or buy a domain name with one simple page and tell somewhere to refer somewhere on the site to facebook.

I you decide to built a website, you should still create a page on facebook, it will give the event so much more visibility.

Web sites are better as a place to store information and reference materials. Facebook is useful for publicity. Most events of any size have both.

Like has already been said, you can’t go Facebook only, unless you don’t care about non-Facebook users. Yes, not everybody has a Facebook account! I have one, but I don’t really use it. Every time I think I might want to use a service on there, it asks for way too much. The last one asked for permission to post as me. Hell no!

Anyway, there are lots of ways to do free or cheap web sites. You can also do a thread here in the News and Announcements area here, as well as a regular thread in this forum. I have always had a Forums thread to promote my MUni Weekends, along with my own web site. In fact, I may have learned HTML so I could have a site for the first MUni Weekend! I can’t remember the exact timing of that…

Yeah, building the site is no problem, I was just wondering if websites make as much sense now since facebook seems to be the go to place for lots of organizations.


Facebook is widely used for this kind of thing, but, as others have mentioned, it’s important to knock up at least a basic webpage with info, for those many who still don’t use facebook.

Their are many reasons why some choose not to- it is invasive and takes a fair bit of knowledge to use it properly and to set it up so it’s secure.

Plus, even if a person does sort out the security to a satisfactory level, every few months Facebook insists on making changes, some of which require yet another annoying few sessions sorting out the security implications.

I do increasingly use facebook to access info, but I regard that as potentially a temporary thing, because I know that yet another annoying change could be just around the corner. (Including the possibility of charging for using it, at which point I would definitly call it a day).

They’re never going to charge to use Facebook, don’t be silly.