Q-Factor of Sugino cranks?

So, I need a set of square taper 140mm cranks, and I want alloy ones with zero Q. Are there any out there?

I saw these Suginos, but I can’t tell what the Q-factor is from the pic. Anyone else out there have them and can comment?


I have a set of them and yes they do have some Q but I dont know exactly how much

Yep, they definitely have Q. I’ve been very happy with the Torker LX Aluminum cranks; they have zero Q. Not sure though if they come exactly 140mm.

Thanks, Terry! I forgot about the LX cranks. I hope they’ll be strong enough for cokering uphill crosses fingers

I’ve done lots of climbing but use the 127’s, which I love! I suppose the longer they are, the more chance that they can bend/break under pressure, but I’ve done fairly big drops with my alum. sugino 165’s with no problem. I’m getting ready to order LX 152’s and 170’s for coker muni at CMW and the San Fran ride in Sept!:smiley:

Yeah, I’m getting some longer cranks for the SF ride too. Living in the valley, though, I’m having trouble finding hills to practice on :roll_eyes: , the best I can come up with are parking garages and highway overpasses :roll_eyes:

Sometimes I practice “speed-climbing” at the local park. There’s a pretty steep [grass covered] hill that’s good 'n steep, but not very long, so I practice mulitple laps up/down, sort of like doing swimming pool laps, but I don’t get quite as wet lol!:stuck_out_tongue:


Do those Sugino 170’s look like they could be drilled for 145 also? I’m looking for a set for that reason. The ProWheel 170’s look close, but I’m going to modify them this week and see. I just don’t like all the Q with the longer cranks.

Maybe the LX 170’s would be able to be drilled 145?


I just put 140 sugino’s on my 36

I like the craftsmanship. They do have a lot of Q. It’s a bit tricky trying to measure with them installed. I fumbled with a straight edge and caliper, measuring a q of 10 to 12 mm.

I basically discovered that since the UDC hub is soooo wide, cranks with any Q factor at all is overkill and not necessary, at least for me. I’m not sure if there’s sufficient room to drill the suginos, but it looks like it would be close. The LX cranks appear too narrow to drill.

Thanks, Terry.

Yeah, the wide hub and Q factor on the ProWheels is just a little too much at higher speeds. My LX 150’s work great on the N36.