Q: easiest, cheapest video editing tool?

I would like to combine several iphone video clips, then add music, and have a finished, post-able video.
I am very much not a techno-whiz, so the simpler the better.
Any advice people want to share would be most appreciated.

If you’re using windows you’ve got a built in video editor. It is fairly easy to use and I think it would probably work for you. If not, I have no idea what you should use.

Yes I do, thanks – I have Windows Movie Maker and Windows Live Movie Maker: which one would people recommend when editing iphone footage?

Well, I don’t know the difference between the two (I’ve only got live), but both will probably work. I don’t know what format iphones record video as, but it should be something common enough that it will be supported in both programs.

Thanks again; however, I’m hoping to hear from someone who has successfully used mac iphone footage with windows movie maker or another windows video editor

I’m not absolutely sure, but I downloaded iLife '11 for my Mac by doing some intense googling it is normally a 60 dollar program, it came with and updated garage band, iphoto, and iMovie. iMovie is pretty good and let’s you do quite a bit of stuff.

For anyone else who was having the same issue, here is the actual answer to my question:

The iphone uses Quicktime video files, which are not compatible with Windows Live Movie Maker. A free download called Any Video Convertor allowed me to convert the Quicktime files to MPEG II format, which WLMM recognizes.