Q about low-end unis from a veteran

Hey Y’all!

So, I ride a nimbus 26 isis muni, do some trails, roads, hills, etc… My girlfriend is interested in starting unicycling too after seeing me, but I don’t really know what to suggest. She lives in a rural area so she needs something that can stand up to gravel/unpaved roads, but she doesn’t have a huge budget. Heck, if she did, I would suggest what I have. Anyway, I was looking at the Club cycles, the Torker LX, and the Torker CX cycles and was leaning toward the CX since the rim is steel (strong-ish I would assume) instead of alloy. I mean I suppose we could always look at a mongoose (curse that foul unicycle) but I prefer to steer away from something that is single wall and weighs as much as the rider (although I shouldnt be one to talk…)

Thanks all!

Alloy rims are all stronger than cheap steel rims, and weigh less too. I have experience with both the cx and lx unicycles, and I would recommend purchasing an lx over anything else in that price range.

Oh, btw I have an 26" lx i’d be willing to sell if you’re interested. Pm me if you want more info.

thanks onewheel, but I dont think that that would be such a good idea, buying yours. My lil’ hunny is only just over 5 feet tall, haha. She was seriously considering a 16 incher before… haha

Lol, yeah that’d be a little large for her. If she’s using it on bad roads or offroad i’d suggest a 24".

I just bought a 20" LX for my son, and many riders in our club ride LX’s. It’s a nice, strong yet nimble uni for a beginner. The tire is a little wider than most beginner unis, including the CX, so it will travel over bumps much easier without throwing the rider.

I’ve even seen some higher level riders riding LX’s, so it would be hard to go wrong there. The black ones are usually in stock but the new orangish color is still hard to find, waiting for the boat to come in from Asia.

Pretty much anyone is tall enough to ride a 26, heck some pretty short people ride 36ers.

I would go with either the LX or the Club. the advantage of the LX is it has been around longer and is pretty well proven as a good learner unicycle. The advantage of the club is it has more standard parts most notably the seat/post and 36 spokes.

Steel rims are not an advantage. They are heavier and flexier for the same amount of metal but may be more easily fixed if they are knocked way out of wack.

Based on height a 20 may be easier for your girlfriend to lean on but a 24 would be better for cruising around.