Puzzled by this uni for sale on ebay UK

This is the sort of thing that niggles away at the back of my mind when I should be spending my time doing something more productive (well, anything really).

This uni crops up for auction on the UK ebay site quite regularly. It’s a bog standard (rubbish) cheap learner as far as I can see (just like mine, so I should know!) and has never had a bid placed on it, let alone sold. This may have something to do with its starting price of £95 being around three times the amount similar unis go for (I got mine for £30).

But it still keeps on cropping up. The seller is incurring fees (ok, not a vast amount) every time. He/she never changes the description to anything to make the uni attractive to buyers, and cannot be looking at others on ebay to get a comparison price.

So what’s it all about? :thinking:

Link to uni is here

You don’t have to pay ebay to relist items if they don’t sell so this guy just leaves it on in the hope that some loser might one day think it is a £95 unicycle and buy it.

Looking at his other items, slot machines he is used to dealing with losers


He’s waiting for you to place a bid… :smiley:

It’s just like the one I got from the LBS for £80 a few months ago. And I thought that was a rip-off price!