Putting video onto DVDs

I want to be able to take video off my camera, edit it, and then put it all back onto a DVD with good resolution. I have already tried to do that usind Windows Movie Maker. However when I import it and output it in NTSC mode(highest resolution) it is very jagged and not a nice picture. Is it something i need to do different or is my program not able to handle it?


well as far as I know, Mindows Movie Maker wont export video in a format that DVD authoring programs like. I’m sure you could manage it, but it might be tricky. Editing programs like Pinnacle have the DVD authoring program built right into it, so you can make your menus, divide it into chapters, and controll all your resolution/compression bits more thuroughly, which WMM wont let you do. Unfortunately, neither of these is still as good as iMovie…which is sort of disappointing.

WMM does do some pretty crappy video work, but it happens. I would suggest either getting iMovie, which is OK. Adobe Premiere CS, what i use and like. Nero is also a program that handles the job and is a bit cheaper.

Re: Putting video onto DVDs

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