Putting on frame to wheel (noob)

Can over tightening the wheel to the frame damage the bearings?
How tight should they be? the book says till the wheel can’t turn, then to loosen them? But I want to know if that damages the bearings at all, probaby not, but doesnt hurt to ask.

Also whats a good tire pressure? 35-50?

You should titen them as tite as you can by hand.
And tire pressure, well a good one is what it says on the side of the tire.

whats a good pressure for trials though, i thought i saw it in a thread around here forgot where it was. (bouncy-ness)
Oh man, now my left pedal won’t screw into my crank shaft this is pissing me off
the right one goes in fine even by hand.

Re: Putting on frame to wheel (noob)

ackgot <ackgot@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> writes:

> the book says [to tighten bearing holders] till the wheel can’t
> turn, then to loosen them

What book is that? I say throw it out immediately! I take it back -
burn the book instead :=)

If you can’t turn the wheel, you have seriously overtightened the
bearing holders. Aim for the least amount of tightening that prevents
the bearings from rattling in their holders.

> Also whats a good tire pressure? 35-50?

The answer to this depends on many factors. Try searching the forum
for more info.


For the bearing holders, tighten them some, but not much. I go until I can feel the wheel getting tensed up, not to the point where it cant spin anymore, but just when you notice it not spinning as freely, then loosen it one or two turns.

For the PSI, find the ammount where it is cushy and has bounce, but wont bottom out when you land a drop. It will take a few tries to get the right pressure for you.

left pedal has reverse threads…

No. That will get them way too tight and likely damage the bearing.

How tight do you tighten…

It is amazing how much additional force you can put on the bearing just by turning a screw 1/2 a revolution. Threaded fasteners create mechanical advantage that multiplies the force you use when tightening the screw. Be gentle or you will squeeze the life out of the bearing.