Putting Maguras on my Coker

I’m riding my coker more and more after MUT, and now that I’m running 110s and want to go shorter, the grades in this town are killing me (10-15% is pretty normal for my ride to work in some places). It’s not going up that sucks, I’ve got that covered, it’s the going back down again.

I’ve talked to my LBS about putting maguras on my cycle, and I’m ready to order them in, but I don’t know about whether I need a special adapter or not. I’d never heard of one existing before I googled around a bit today.

I’ve got the two-bolt braze ons on my coker, the same as one might find on the n36 frame or my kh24.

I did a few searches but couldn’t find any solid answers. If there is an adapter, where can I get one?


I’m researching these for my new 29 as well. It appears that a wide variety of mounting brackets and booster plates are available. No doubt you will receive more expert advice shortly, but you could probably start here: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=2&subcat=65&cat=Brakes

This adapter? Magura brakes typically come with a mount to fit v-brake style mounts. That adapter will let you fit them on the two bolt trials bike style mounts.

Just what I needed to know, thanks.

Now to get some shorter cranks and order that adapter with them :slight_smile: