Putting a KH seat on a Miyata--what's involved?

I have a Miyata with a standard Miyata seat. I also have a large, soft butt. The two are not all that compatible, but I have gotten by. This weekend, I rode a uni that had a KH seat. Now I have to have one. It was made with my butt in mind.

I don’t do trials or tricks or anything. I just ride in parades and around the neighborhood.

What is involved in switching seats? Can I just buy the KH seat and bolt it on? Will I need to convert the bolt assembly in any way? Will I need a different post?

My butt thanks you for your prompt and courteous responses.

P.S. I have searched around for the forum for this and couldnt find exactly what I was looking for.

There are certainly many posts in the archives discussing this issue, but i’ll help you out nonetheless. I don’t mind as much as others.

I have actually done the opposite. I ride a Bedford frame that came with a KH saddle and post. When i broke the KH saddle while jumping down some stairs, i decided to switch to a Miyata saddle. To do so, i had to buy a new Miyata saddle and seat post, since the KH (standard) and Miyata posts have different base plate designs (the holes are in different places). Fortunately, both posts fit into my frame.

So, to answer your question, you’ll just have to buy a new KH with a KH (standard) seat post. The post costs about $10 extra, so no worries. Just to be sure though, you may want to ask the distributor about the post width and check that it matches your Miyata seat post. If it doesn’t, there are adapters available, but i’m sure it will fit.

Good luck with the new KH saddle. I ride one on my commuter, and it feels great. It’s just isn’t as good as the Miyata for street/trials riding, in my opinion.

You can get a Velo (which is what a KH is) on ebay for about $35 delivered.

Thanks for that help. I contacted unicycle.com and was able to order what I needed to make it work (Saddle and seat post).

I ordered mine from UDC before I saw this, but thanks.