Putting a KH Freeride on a Torker LX

Hey folks, so my unicycling 10 year old has asked for a more comfortable saddle for his birthday to put on his 20" TorkerLX. That is all he wants…lucky me! Or so I thought until I realized that I may need to change out the seat post and get a rail adapter kit.

Is this correct?

Can someone please advise me as to exactly what I need to buy. I think I want to get him a KH freeride saddle.

You will need a seatpost, but any with the 4 bolt Schwinn pattern ought to work. The LX comes with a different bolt pattern seatpost which is incompatible. No need mess with rails, etc., unless you want to. Make sure you get the right diameter to fit the seat tube. Probably 22.2mm (7/8"), but I don’t have one to measure; it could be 25.4mm.

That’s correct! You will need this size and type of seat post as well: http://www.unicycle.com/unicycle-hardware/club-seat-post.html

If you are still unsure, just call unicycle.com and they will let you know exactly what you should get.

The Kris Holm Street Saddle would also be a good choice. It’s still very comfortable but it’s a bit more streamlined and won’t get in the way for tricks.

You will need a new seatpost, but the type of post will determine whether or not you need a rail adapter. I would suggest a standard four bolt seatpost rather than a bike seatpost with a rail adapter. It keeps the setup simple, and it’s cheaper. I’m pretty sure the Torker uses a 25.4 post and those are readily available from anyone that sells uni saddles.

I second Brian O’s plug for the Fusion Street. I have a freeride and a couple of Street saddles. For all but my MUni I’ve gravitated to the Street. I may try a Zero one day, but for now I’m pretty happy.

Surprise him with a 36" Nimbus Nightfox! Trust me, you will be forever known as the best UniMother ever!

I took your advice and called Amy at Unicyclist.com I did get him a fusion with a new post. She knew what we needed and also gave me a heads up on maintenance and other stuff I had no idea about. Who knew I needed to rotate a wheel on a unicycle? Hehe.

That Nimbus nightfox looks like a great gift for another year perhaps. I have a feeling this kid is going to be unicycling for a very long time. He lives on that thing.