Put yourself on the map!

For those who have not yet explored it there is a button on the upper right of this page called “MAP”. If you look at it it shows where our members are all over the globe. The THING is though that you need to add yourself!

This is an official invite to anyone who has not already done so to add yourself to the map. Just click on the “map” link and then click “your entry”. The next page will allow you to zoom in on a global map to your location, enter a name for yourself (doesn’t have to be your user name), and submit. It is just that easy. See ya there!

I just put myself on the map:D

I put the marker right over my house. It’s kind of weird how accurate it is.

I’ve been on the map for a while now. There’s ALOT of riders in portland that don’t even know about the forums or aren’t on here though.

I put the marker directly on my house XD

Thanks for the pointer! I’m there now, too. Not too surprising that I’m the only one in El Cerrito, California population 22,000…

I didn’t even know about this, thanks for the heads up!
I’m put myself on now :smiley:

I’m on there as well haha


I just found that today, Hopefully some of us might find a new riding buddy! :smiley:

i’m on there

I’m on there, told a friend on VholdR.com and told bostonunicycle google group too!

I’m already there! If there’s anyone near Ottawa or anyone that might come to Ottawa sometimes to ride there’s the Ottawa unicyclists club on Facebook(for the ones who goes on Facebook).

Cool, I’m on there now. I noticed there are some other riders near me although they don’t seem to be active on the forums anymore (hanzy and munidobs). I think I’ll send some PMs and see if I can get a reply.

Thanks for the heads up!

Hmmm, I guess I added myself, but it’s outdated… and won’t let me change it… I’ll try after work…

…so all you crazies can beat a path to my doorstep and leave me flaming bags of dogsh*t?

No thanks.

Be careful how much personal info you post online, kiddies. Every little bit adds up.

Put myself on the map. Apparently the closest unicyclist to me is shermanator94… the SHERMANATOR? I wonder if he’s really Sherman, or why someone would name themselves after that character in the first place…

Nobody has to put where the live exactly… let’s not be so quick with the tinfoil caps now…

That was good for a laugh.

Obviously putting yourself on the map is optional. You can add yourself to the map without being very specific. You don’t have to zoom in closely to put a marker - and you don’t have to at all unless you want to.

When I first posted this yesterday there were 844 users on the map. This morning there are 921. Way to go people!


You could just mark the centre of the town/city where you live. It doesn’t need to be the exact house!

Oh mine is my exact house. Come on over and uni with me anytime you want.

Who should I really be worried about here?
Nobody is that close to me anyway… Sad face.