Pushing my limits!

From 4.24.2021. I gave it my all with hopes I wouldn’t kill myself! :flushed:


Awsome Terry, you are an inspiration to all of us 50 yr. And over riders. Question what shin and knee protection are you wearing these days? And judging from your videos you always have it on could you coment on that for all of our benefit. Thanks


He is inspiration to more riders than that. I’m in high school and am looking up. Keep on rocking the uni Terry. :+1:


Thanks Douglas! I wear the KH percussion leg armour, which is both knee & shin protection. Hope this helps.

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For us old farts he’s the boss though. I rode 6 miles of cross country muni today and I’m totally shot. And considering the number of times I fell on my face I’m glad I was armored up.

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Thanks guys! Planning a Muni ride at Cold Spring trail in Santa Barabara very soon. Haven’t ridden there in a while.

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Great video Terry, Looks like a good work out ride but still fun. Thanks for great entertainment and a magnificent effort on your part.

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Absolutely hats off to you as how well do you ride! If I was riding there I’d spend more time off than on my unicycle and get so frustrated that I wouldn’t enjoy it at all. I like to learn and push my limits but you are at such an incredible level :grinning:

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