Pushing my friend to ride more- He doesn't ride much

My best friend has a Nimbus X Street and he can ride forwards, hop up a curb, down a curb, turn etc but not much and when i ask why dont you practice more? He replies “CBF” which means he cant be bothered Can’t Be Fu**ed) And I’m like cmon! But it doesnt work. ANy tips on this or shouldn’t i make him. It would be good though and he should be encouraged some how.

Everybody wants someone to ride with, but I don’t think you’ll have luck trying to convince him.

Unicycling requires alot of effort. People won’t do it unless they really want to for themselves. People have to talk themselves into riding.

Still, I’d keep him posted on your latest achievements and tell him when you discover a sweet new place to ride. Maybe by seeing your progress he’ll get fired up about riding again.

If he doesn’t, don’t let it worry you too much. Maybe you can get a good deal on his old equipment and put it to use.

Show your best friend some tricks that will make them go :astonished: . Maybe that will persuade him to uni. :stuck_out_tongue:

Or what kevinalexandersmith may work too also. :smiley:

you need to convince his girlfriend to pick unicycling then he’ll never stop:)

Show him some really good uni vids, learn some tricks and show him, and if all that doesn’t work than just don’t bother him.

I had a friend pick it up just to drop it. Then I did some cool tricks in front of him and some tricks and he wants to start it again.

Tell him to either start getting better at tricks or send me his unicycle, I want a new one anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t worry about it a lot. The thing is, unicycling is not some activity that needs to be done. It’s not like taking out the trash or getting an education. If your friend isn’t overly interested, that’s okay.

mmmmm -_- I’ll see what I can do…
I know I’ll ask him rite now to unicycle more and he will reply like “CBF” and I’ll be like, can i have you unicycle, and he will be like “--------well I dont know”

So you’re gonna give me his unicycle then? SWEET!

sometimes you can keep them riding sometimes they cant.
some people join a sport and stick with it. others join a sport and later move on to other stuff.

…or trips you made w/ other unicyclists, or read/saw something really cool on the forums.

If you’re not carefull you could discourage him more, if he gets intimidated by your progressing skills.

DW hes obsessed now and we were practicing trials together. Today I bough a 2$ tape measure so after school we were progressing our hops. We both ended up getting 28cm then we were tired and went home. yay…