Purpose of MUniing (2)

As I was riding last night, I thought about the thread sarted by Gauss on ‘the purpose of MUniing’…

The reasons I like to ride MUni are:
Moving silently across a carpet of pine needles, with no one around me but the squirrels and birds.
Cruising alongside the canal, seeing the pike just below the surface.
The ‘Yes!’ through gritted teeth as I successfully climb or descend a steep section, or get through a muddy patch.
The total absorbtion in the activity which drives work and other problems out of my mind.
The friendly and admiring comments of bicyclists and walkers.
Cresting a hill and seeing the river valley spread out below me.
The ability to explore tracks too narrow and winding for a bicycle, but too long for walking along.
The dance-like feeling of being in balance with the uni over undulating ground.

But on the other hand, I MUNi despite…
The times when it’s hot enough to wear shorts, and I forget there will be nettles along the way.
The times when nothing I will do will persuade the MUNi to let me mount it on this narrow section of uphill path.
The ventilation slots in my helmet catching on an overhead branch when I’m going at full pelt down hill (as happened yesterday!).
Catching my pedal on a rock, and my saddle landing in the cowpat.
Pillocks enquiring imaginatively about my hypothetical other wheel.
Having a mile to go, when my backside reached its limit of endurance a mile ago.
Puddles which appear shallow but are, in reality, very deep indeed.
Baked mud with hoofprints in it. (As a path, not a dessert.)