Purple Unicycle Paint Done

As the thread title states, my grammer is suffering a relapse.
But also i am now the proud owner of a purple unicycle thanks to a few cans of spraypaint/prima and lots of spare time. unfourtunately it is still bollocks to ride but it looks sweet.
i will post picks as soon as i find my phone cord.


Did you do that to your Nimbus frame?

Cant wait to see the pics. =p

I recently just painted my Alexm, DX cranks, and seatclamp a nice blue color. It looks amazing, but I have no camera to take pictures with.

damn i cannot find the cord to make photos be on the computer.

damn…I really want to see what it looks like. I’m soon going to paint my KH frame.

Pic one

Me with my sexy face. the last one did it no justice. it is nice and shiny actually.

looks nice! I would of chosen a different colour though…but thats just me.

are those hub and cranks bent?

there we go, that one has some shine.
check out my insane curtains.

what is that doll thing on the ground in pic #1 on the bottom right side?

i like your hair

your room looks really cool

EDIT: nice paint job

note the wall colour, i have a thing with purple.
yeah they are shocking, there loose to. i tightened them today and got them as straight as i could but it only lasts about 10 min or riding then there back to being annoying and anklebitingly unridable

The doll thing, i have no idea, it just shows up in photos… not really, i found it at an op-shop once and liked the fact it had no arms.
yeah my hair is slowly starting to gather beads and little bobby bits which makes sleeping hard.
As for the room, i choose the whole thing myself but am always making it different. i cut the legs of my bed last holidays to make it lower…


yea that last picture gives a bit more shine to it!

Note, favoruite pair of pants that are not fisherman pants. i love them!

lol! fisherman pants…

did you get all the chrome off before you painted it? or did you just pant right over the top?

They are the best, oh so comfortable.

I spent about two hours sanding the chrome back, it looked pretty nice without the chrome but i had already bought the paint.
I then did two prima undercoats then two coats of purple. i ran out of clear gloss to put over the top though.

looks sweet, same i would have not done it purple but hell not my choice :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah you might need to invest in new cranks… maybe splined… but unfortunately this thing called money exists and its SOOO ANNOYING !

unless you have it^ (which I don’t, haha)

good paint job. the others that i’ve seen spraypainted didn’t come out that nice.

my friend had dreads for a while, then he shaved his head one day - something about him was different but i couldnt place it. and then i was like holy shit you cut all your hair off! now he has dreads again.

Yeah my hair is beggining to itch a little but i couldnt handle having no hair.
thanks, it took me all afternoon.

i am getting the KH after christmas so i am not going to be bothered buying a splined crankset for this one. thought i would just experiment with painting it and what not.

Purple rocks! :smiley: