Purple Rim

Im looking for a purple rim and I noticed that Koxx-One has a purple rim on the XTP but I can’t find one anywhere. Anyone know where I can get a try-all purple rim or another purple rim compatible with an ISIS hub?

Why! Why! Why do you NEED a purple rim? Just buy a good rim then powder coat it! Seriously, you people choose parts for their color and look over quality and strength.

He never said he NEEDED a purple rim.
He wants a rim thats purple because it would look cool
The try all one is strong. Try emailing renegade juggling if it’s not listed on their site. They might have it to sell

Its everyone thats doing it, makes me frustrated. Theres nothing wrong with wanting a part in a color, but to shose a random part just because it has that color is the wrong thing to do.

He’s asking for parts in that color…I don’t think the second he hears about some random rim that comes in purple, he’ll go buy it that second…

Is that pokemon yellow? That was a fun game. :slight_smile: For some reason that was the only fun i had with pokemon, on the gameboy.

It’s gold version thank you

Haha. Im gonna go sprite.

I have no problem painting the rim my self I was just wondering… jeez.

Sorry bout that, theres just so many people that care more about the color of there unicycle than the quality, weight, strength.
Look on koxx-one.com and check out parts, im almost sure they have a trials rim thats purple.

Thx man, I know what you mean. I just wanted to make sure cuz my friend who works at a bike shop said if I wanted to paint my rim I would have to take off the spokes, paint the rim, buy new spokes, and put on the new spokes (which is a pain). But I think I’ll try to work around the spokes if I can maybe read that spray paint forum.

Naw, the best way to do things, is to do things right the first time.

Paint the rim by itself, and the guy who says you need to buy new spokes doesnt know what hes talking about, because you can re tighten spokes back on.

Good call, I’m gonna powder coat my rim and just retighten the spokes myself.


If you want to do things right first time then you shouldn’t re-use spokes, the plastic deformations that occur round the bend during tightening allows the hub to mate better with the spokes. Spokes that have already been deformed once are unlikely to seat as well a second time, causing a less stiff wheel which willl suffer from premature spoke failure at the bend

Try and get a VIZ rim. Stronger than the TryAll (my personal experience)

where can you get that viz rim in the USA? or are there any rims you would recomend to a trial and street rider?

I ordered one of those, in purple too, it didn’t arrive for 2 weeks, and when I asked the mailorder company of it’s whereabouts I was told that they aren’t in stock but should be within 2 weeks. So I have a gold one waiting to be built up instead.

Long long time ago (2006) i wanted a purple rim too… wasnt in stock either and i got a silver one :smiley:

its still alive… but i killed the hub from the wheelset…

Shame. Mistaking Gold for yellow.

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