Purple Mad4One 6-Pin 32H ergal hub and 135mm cranks

Selling my Mad4One kit. I paid $400 plus shipping from Italy and am asking $200 plus shipping OBO.

It has been installed onto two wheels, both of which were minimally used (fewer than 2 rides on each wheel).

I would like to get a 36H version, so if you’d rather do a trade for a Mad4One 36H 6-pin hub, I’d definitely be interested.

Otherwise, here’s a pic of it installed onto a trials wheel. This is a good set-up for trials, street without rollos, muni with rim brakes, or any type of unicycling with no brakes and shorter cranks. These are super lightweight and super strong. I also have additional pins.

Bump $200 and shipping or best offer.





Bump. Someone out there need a new lightweight, bomb-proof trials, street, muni or road crankset and hub with some bling?

Haha. Its not quite bomb proof. I snapped my mad4one crank doing my first ever crank flip off a 3 set.

Unfortunately the 135mm length is a bit longer than most peoples preference for street and I don’t know many (non sponsored) riders who like mad4ones for trials or muni. I think this is why no one is interested.

It is a VERY good price though.

“Bomp proof” is obviously hyperbolic and your anecdotal evidence doesn’t help me sell my kit. In the future out of common courtesy to sellers, I’d suggest not posting your opinions or negative experiences about a product under a trading post thread. There is at least one Mad4One-specific thread in which plenty of people have posted both good and bad experiences. Like any unicycle part and/or brand, some people prefer it and some don’t.

Since you’ve made what I’m selling look like junk, I’m going to give my own experiences and remind whoever is potentially interested that I’m selling a VERY lightly-used kit at a good price, and I’m advertising its intended purposes: trials, street, muni (and since road can accommodate almost any kit, I’m including that). Yes, street riders might prefer shorter cranks, but ultimately crank length varies according to both purpose and preference.

I have used Mad4One hubs and cranks (both ergal alum and cromo; 6-pin and 10-pin/Isis) without any problems, structural damage, or ride-altering issues. I’ve used them primarily for muni and road, and minimally for beginner trials (and bike polo!). For being all the way across the Atlantic and in an opposite time zone, Marco (the owner) has always given quick responses to questions, comments, etc. Plus, the color options are awesome. The only reason I’m selling is I don’t have a 32h rim anymore, and unless someone has a 32h Surly Large Marge 24" that they want to sell or trade for my 36H, I’d rather just sell this kit and start on new projects…as usual. :slight_smile:

Pinoclean, I’m not trying to be outright rude to you, but I’ve been trying to sell this for a while and your comment might have prolonged this process.

Everybody I’ve seen with a mad4one Muni loved it. I think the main concern for most riders is the price :smiley:

It is $200 for both isn’t it? That is an amazing deal. It would cost $500 for both from CDK not including shipping.

For what it’s worth I really like this just by the color alone. That’s usually a good enough reason to get me to shell out some cash, but sadly right now I’m more broke than Owen Wilson’s nose.

Thanks for the support, guys! :slight_smile:


I was talking about the original price …



What’s the lowest you’d take for everything? I’m very interested…