Purple 26" off-road unicycle (custom-built BadgerBikes frame)

I put this uni together three years ago, and it makes a great off-road unicycle. I don’t use it as much anymore; someone can give it more mileage than I have been recently.

Here’s the photo spread

The chrome-moly frame was hand-built by Jeff Lauten of BadgerBikes. Jeff has built many frames (and cargo bike boxes!) for both road and off-road unicycle use (from 26" to 36") - I highly recommend his craftsmanship! Check out the unique “bi-plane look” double crown plate - even Kris Holm’s frames don’t have that much sex appeal.

The wheelbuild is a Kris Holm Freeride rim (42.7mm wide, double-wall construction) on a Nimbus DISCSCM-440 ISIS disc hub , onto which I attached a Magura MT-2 hydraulic disc brake. It’s currently fitted with a Kenda Small Block Eight racing tire (26" x 2.35"). I’ll also throw in an additional beefy Maxxis High Roller downhill tire (26" x 2.70"). The spokes are black and the nipples are green, if that matters to you.

The saddle is a blue Kris Holm Freeride, on a Thomson Elite fully-adjustable seatpost. It has been modified with the patented Black Co*k™ handlegrip (see Imgur photos and forum link), durably handcrafted by unicyclist.com regular Brycer1968. It’s an easy-to-grab, left-pointing co*k which is great for control, balance, and mixing some freestyle in with your mountain unicycling.

The crank arms are Nimbus Venture 150mm ISIS cranks, with purple plastic pedals (which have protruding plastic cleats to hold your feet in place).

PRICE: Yours for $1,000 firm. Yes, more than a Kris Holm but a hand-crafted frame fitted with all premium parts and a lot of labor spent on customization. I spent nearly $900 on the individual components.

Seller pays for shipping. Within continental US is estimated to be about $50. Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, other US territories, and international destinations will cost extra

I am a dependable seller. I’ve had this accout for a few years, and have mostly been a lurker. I am in Portland’s Unicycle Bastards group (hopefully that membership is not a detriment) and am friends with Brycer1968, who can give me a reference. The BadgerBikes guy can vouch for me too.

Phone/address info will be swapped so both of us can do our due diligence in this transaction.

Please let me know if you’re interested or have any questions! -Todd H.

Injecting pics :wink:

Thanks, Siddhartha! I know this is a pricey uni, but it’s fantastic off-road. Between BadgerBikes and Brycer1968, this is a work of art that has no equivalent.