Pure unicycle trial (part1)

I made a new(long) vid! It is PURE trial :slight_smile:
This is part one, and I hope I can make part 2 as soon as possible.

I hope you enjoy and leave a comment :stuck_out_tongue:

hey nice video especially because it s only trial. there were a lot of highjumps almost too much for my taste and the music made me feel kinda sad.

your pedalgrpas are really good my fav line was the gap from the rail to the wall. looking forward to part 2

Awesome riding, but in my opinion the vid was too long. I think videos should be between 2 and 4 minutes otherwise I get bored.

Very nice vid and riding :). And as johannes said, there were too many highjumps in it :P.

Id did not bore me at all! The best trials vid i’ve seen for the past 3 months. You are great at almost everything, some trials riders get specialized at one thing and forget the other parts, but you sure got them all.

Btw, my mouth was wide opened through the whole video :astonished:

Awesome stuff !!! Really enjoyed watching that. Some of those drops were HUGE. Well done. Part 2 ? :slight_smile:

i really like this vid;)

very sweet! i was waiting for it to get boring, because 8 minutes is long, but it kept surprising me and the riding was extreme! im really impressed: rails, 108cm hop, 130cm pedalgrabs! we must be going to belgium again this summer, 5 stars!

Holy Crap!

Although you can’t jump as high as them, I definately put your riding into the Fabian, Hodges, Schulze category.

You are so good at rails. How do you get so balanced on them. I think I could do them if I could get up:p

But no joke. Probably my favorite video since Max Schulze Trials/Flat.
6 stars (if that’s even possible)

Absolutly not boring, the best trial movie I ever seen :slight_smile:

I just love your style when your doing the trial lines and highjumps! :smiley:

6 starts! :slight_smile:

I like this video very much
great vid !!!

very nice Vid!The front flip was very cool!

Great trials skills! Hopefully one day i’ll be as good as you!

WOW nice to see an awesome trial video!!!

There were many lines where i ecspected u did pedalgrab, but the u just go straight up! Amazing video!

AWESOME…Your skinny riding is brilliant :DEXCELLENT!!!

That was freaking amazing! How long have you been riding for?

8 minutes that looked like 2!
Awesome video enjoy every thing!
My favorite line was the pedal grab on the handrail to the stair :astonished:

loved it

wow that was really good :roll_eyes:
keep it up

Great video Tim. The skill and focus you younger guys have with trials and street - admiration and respect!