Pure Trials - Max and Marty

Here’s a vid of me and Marty Zaback, riding trials over the past few days. - I have the white Try-all - Marty’s leaving for the summer, so we filmed as much as we could.

Hope you enjoy! We put lots of effort into this.

Please comment !

you guys have some massive sidehops in this video :astonished:

Sidehop up the 5 set was immense! :astonished: You guys both have some nice gaps too.

Your music choices are also always good for uni videos:D

Video has a cool cruzy relaxed feeling to it :slight_smile: HUGE gaping, good video.

not bad :smiley:
some pretty nice hops,gaps,… :roll_eyes:

You sure do know how to pick a song. Always fits the riding perfectly.

I also thought this video was the perfect length for a trials video. Sometimes they are too long, but yours cut off right before I would have started to lose interest.:stuck_out_tongue: The riding was nice as well :slight_smile:

Very nice video :)! Riding was very nice, loved the music with it too!

I wached it this morning on my iPod, now I can’t watch it again because my computer sucks! Anyway, Awesome video! I liked the big gaps and sidehops, I can’t wait to come in Kingston and ride with you guys!:smiley:

Haha :smiley:

Thanks a lot! The first 5 set? Man the first time i landed that one, the camera’s battery had died already, it was pretty annoying. hahaha

Thanks :slight_smile:

Haha thanks

thanks man, I thought it could have been a bit longer, but we made sure to only film lines that were really good :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Jakob, haha me too!