Pure Street Event - Competition Rules etc

So, there are many keen riders that want to work towards organizing a pure street event. I suppose it wouldn’t be hard to organize a flatland battle in there somewhere too, but lets talk about street :P.

How long would people want such an event to be?

Personally I’d make it last all year if possible, but for some people even unicon is too long to attend the whole event, work purposes etc. I think a single weekend, maybe a long weekend (3 days) is good for a competition that is purely street, sort of EUC style I guess. For those that want longer they can always stay extra days.

What rules would you want in the competitions? And what kind of competitions?

Would we want zones or runs? There could be both? I don’t like zones, I much prefer runs depending on the obstacles, but most competitions don’t have suitable parks for this, but if enough people wanted runs we could arrange that.

We could have crankflip height/length competitions etc? Best trick done down stairs etc, best trick into a grind or out of etc.

Or we could try out a completely new set of rules.

Where would we want the event?

I think Australia is a great place, awesome skateparks and weather. Plus we have great riders here in the southern hemisphare that are committed to making such an event a success. (plus its close to me ;)).

Registration costs would be similar to the cost most events charge, would people be willing to put an extra “x” percent of their registration cost to go towards cash prizes for the competition winners?

Who wants to contribute to discussion? :slight_smile:

Yeeeeaaaah yeah, we get it. Street people like street :roll_eyes:

I think this would be great, as the northern hemisphere have there own trial comps ( like… FLUCK? denmark) and EUC, which focuses on STF. Be great to have one down here in the southern hemisphere that may be similar. Plus having a competition like once a year or a year and half feels like a long time. :slight_smile:

True we could organize a southern hemisphere version of EUC… That would be pretty sick.

I loveeeee this idea! :smiley: However it might be hard to get people to go with them all saving up for Unicon :confused:

Dude, IM saving up for unicon xD This definitely won’t be an event that will run before or even close to unicon. Maybe the next unicon :P.

I can imagine in the future, riders that do purely street will attend this competition over unicon ;)(of course ill still go to both though AND NAUCC ;))

I organised a street competition in Melbourne earlier in the year. Do a search for Unicycle Monster Street Comp for more info. I know nothing about street but it seemed to go ok - the rider feedback was pretty positive. A sound system and a better venue were two improvements I would make if I ran the event again. If you want an event to happen you may need to organise one yourself. Basically - pick a venue and a date, invite as many people as possible, find someone (or more) to judge the event and work out some prizes.

A few years ago an event was held in Sydney which was very successful but I don’t think they have held anymore since then.

How long would people want such an event to be?
My comp went for a few hours but the riders did their own riding over the rest of the weekend at various venues around Melbourne. The local Melbourne riders got to show the tourists around and shoot some video.

What rules would you want in the competitions? And what kind of competitions?

We did timed runs of each rider and then a final with the best placed riders. The venue was a small skate park, zones might work better at a larger venue. Consider the number of competitors which may have an impact on how you run the competition.

Where would we want the event?

Sydney has a bigger scene than Melbourne from what I know.

Registration costs would be similar to the cost most events charge, would people be willing to put an extra “x” percent of their registration cost to go towards cash prizes for the competition winners?

I wouldn’t get too hung up on prizes, I think the riders enjoy competing for the sake of it. It would be nice to have a momento of the event and something to recognise the achievement of the winners. A medal or small trophy would be better than cash IMO. Also my event was free to enter, I arranged for some gift certificates from municycle.com.au who sponsored the event. If you ask relevant companies to sponsor the event you might be surprised how much stuff they send you.

Who wants to contribute to discussion? :slight_smile:

I may run another event this summer (February?) If anyone would like some input on how this event is run - post it up.

Yeah, like 1 every 6 months. I guess it’s just a matter of people that are willing to organise it all.

I was thinking about attending this. but wasn’t too sure how many people would actually turn up and how well the event would run. Hearing positive feedback about it makes me really consider attending another event if it was made and there was a good turnout. :slight_smile:

The last FLUCK was held over 4 years ago :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m well aware of the “Monster” street comp competition. I didn’t hear thaaaaaaaat much good feedback from the likes of some of aussies best street riders…but hey.

I’m currently organizing a regional competition in my town that will run this weekend. I have over $1000 worth in prizes to give away. The local town hall booked for the weekend, lots of indoor street obstacles incase of rain, skatepark for the street competition, big sound system, generator, gazebos, banners, UDC stall, everything you can think of to run a successful event. This event is going to be much bigger then the normal NZ national competitions.

And in doing this, I realize how easy it would be to run an event similar to EUC.

I’ll try to take videos and pictures over the weekend, I guess I’ll get someone to do that for me as I’ll be busy MC’ing and giving demonstrations the whole day.

To me, prize money is important. I’m not so much planning on making a EUC style competition for FUN… of course it will be fun, its always fun. But I want to make a more serious competition, an event where people come because they have been training hard for years and want recognition for their amazing skills, an atmosphere full of insane riders that want to push themselves more then anyone else.

That’s awesome :slight_smile:

I like the idea of prizes/money too. Bmx and skateboard comps have them, and it’s not really that hard to do. They had prizes at the small CMQ weekend in Montreal. There were prizes at a trials competition last year in Ottawa, where only about 5 people competed.

I wasn’t very impressed at NAUCC that all there was were medals. We pay 100$ to compete…

I think for a street comp, it’d be really easy to give prize money away to the top 3 riders. say there’s 10 riders. You could easily give away 100$ by charging 10$ per rider, which is nothing.

Exactly, the reason why we street, flatland and trials riders need more events like EUC. Because we go there to compete in street, trials, flatland… We don’t go to play hockey or basketball or do 100 hours of standard skill riding… Some of us do them, some do freestyle as well, and good on them… But the majority of us that are SFT riders don’t.

And our events are often the cheapest to put together. If I put together a EUC style competition with just street and flatland, I could probably do it with $0 registration cost…That’s why I hate going to an event and paying over $100 just to compete in flatland and street. Unicon and EUC trials competitions are great not going to argue anything there, running those would definitely require funding. But for flatland are street… competition organizers just use what they have, they don’t often go out of their way to make things worthwhile for the riders, but for this competition we will.

Yes exactly. I wouldn’t say EUC is overpriced though, for 70 euros you get food, lodging, drinks, and shuttle to/from the airport for the whole time. :slight_smile: I would love to see more SFT comps, I’ve been wanting to host one at my skatepark but there aren’t enough local riders right now. I’ve gotten a bunch of kids started though, so maybe in a year or two there will be enough to organize a comp. If someone else organizes them though I’ll probably go, if travel’s affordable.

Never said EUC was overpriced :P.

But yeah, now that the sport is growing, its only a matter of time before more things like EUC pop up and the likes of IUF and maybe even Unicon will become obsolete.

Oops, my bad I misread your post :stuck_out_tongue:

In the future I definitely think SFT and maybe other groups are going to break off of IUF/unicon and all the generic stuff. I also definitely support cash prizes, even if they’re small at first that’s a step that we’re going to have to take to become a legitimate sport. I mean really, even scooter competitions have cash prizes. freaking SCOOTERS.

Pretty sure pogo sticks comps have cash prizes too :o

Pogo sticks are way more badass than scooters. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’m actually feeling really keen to organize a EUC style event. A street event by itself might not be enough to draw in a good crowd. This is gonna be awesome.

Would be absolutely fantastic if you get the ball rolling. Yeah I agree, having Street, Trial and Flat will draw more people to the event, and I mean, really the people is what makes events like this the best experience and most memorable.

I relay like your ideas and would love it to see a sft comp in australia.
But i dont like cash prices because it makes competitions much harder, people who dont win much more pissed on the judges and it would make our sport less friendly. There are already many indirect cash prices because usualy you get sponsor from god competitions results.

I also like the idea of unicons, having many disziplines together at one big convention. I understand that there is a problem with the registration fee but i think unicycling should stay special in some way and our sport is special because you can do everything on one wheel and i like it to show this to the outside every second year (and if you do only extreme competitions 90% of the participants would be guys which is also boring ;)).