Pure joy, and a tire update

Untill you’ve been working on teaching some one how to ride, and then watch thier face as they realise that they just went 40 or so feet for thier first time. They turn and smile as big as a piano keyboard and hollar “Daddy I did it! I rode it!!!”
Then the look in his eyes as he gets up off the ground because in his elation he was jumping for joy and tripped over the fallen uni :astonished: :smiley:

These are the moment in life we hope to remember…

I welled up just reading this. That is awesome. Take joy in the small things.


Been there 4 times now with all my boys! It is a great feeling. Congrats!

Nice. Thanks for the feel-good update on your son’s progress!

Did you mention your signature to him? (“If your not falling your not trying hard enough to improve yourself…”) Just kidding!

I think I missed something, though. What’s the “tire update”? :thinking:

That is such an awesome mental image. Thanks

I think the tire update is that he got his Duro Easy rider on his 29er problem free at his LBS. It sort of ended up in his other thread…

Okay, thanks Eric. I guess I should have connected it with Tom’s other recent thread. I read this thread’s initial post three or four times because I thought I must have been missing something! :o