Purchasing a unicycle

A number of people have posted about where to find a unicycle.

If you’re a beginner and not sure you will continue to ride, here are some

Borrow someones unicycle - ask around if you don’t know anyone. I have met many
“former” unicyclists that still have their unicycle. Ask to borrow it. Or just
to try it out for a while. Or to buy it! Schwinns are out there (in the US) -
DON’T get the cheap kind of uni from a department store. The Schwinns I have
found were not very much to buy and only took some chrome polish to make them
look good again.

You will want to make sure the seat post is right for you. The height should
be the same as for a bike. A little shorter is ok but most are too short to
start with. Ask at a bike shop for something longer or try Tom Miller
(Unicycle Factory)

If you are looking for a uni that will last - (150-250 US$) Sem XL or Deluxe
Miyata Schwinn (these are more common and you may be able to find used)

Wheel size: I learned on a 20 inch unicycle and still enjoy it more than the 24
inch. I found it easier to learn on. But if you just want to ride, you may want
to go for the 24 inch. If you can, try both sizes out when you go borrowing. If
you stick with it you will want both sizes (and more)

Happy unicycle hunting.

Dirk Iwema.