Purchasing a second unicycle

Hi, I apologize if I’ve posted this in the wrong spot but my girlfriend is getting pretty big into unicycling, but i don’t know the first thing about it, but for her birthday i decided to buy her a better unicycle (her first one is more of a toys r us one) i would say my price range is about 50-150 dollars, though it could go higher if needed. from my experience she most seems to want a better seat and a better pedaling system and possibly a better seat adjusting mechanism. Could someone here possibly give me some words of advice? Anything is appreciated thanks :slight_smile:

Good plan but 50-150 of what currency?
What type of riding does your GF normally do?

Does she ride long distances?(commuting)
Does she ride “off-road”?(Muni)
Does she hop up and down objects and along small areas?(Trials)
Does she ride down stairs and urban areas?(Street)
Theres also freestyle which is done in a gym or flat surface usually

Its not normal for a beginner to fit perfectly into any of these catorgories but its important to know what type of riding she’ll want to do in the future to decide what uni to get, as every style has specialised unis

This one is quite cheap compared to other unis and is a good choice as it can be used for trials, street and muni. But thats a little expensive.

This one is a stonger learner but cant be used for any serious street, Muni,commuting(the wheel size is too small) or trials. It possibly could be used for harder freestyle but thats not really my area.

So yeah, ask her what type of riding she wants to do

Oh I sorry about that, I meant 50-150 dollars American. But in terms of the type of riding i would say her biggest would be commuting and freestyle. So she doesn’t really beat up her unicycle all that much, only on occasion would she ever use it to do any type of jumping or hopping, she’s mostly on flat land stuff.

I hope this helps some, and I apologize for my lack of knowledge I really have no idea where to look and it’s important to me to pick out the right unicycle for her.

:slight_smile: Welcome to the forums btw

Well I started off on a 24"- Nice cruising speed and I used to travel reasonable distances of hilly road and sidewalk.
Possibly this uni
Im pretty sure on the Aus site that uni is in the freestyle section

Possibly if she likes commuting especially, maybe go for a 26

Or possibly go for a 29er for commuting. This one is a bit expensive but nice weight

It depends how serious she is about actual freestyle or commuting. The bigger the wheel the better for commuting, the smaller, for freestyle.

If she wants something better to replace what she already has, then you are probably looking for a 20" freestyle-type unicycle (something that doesn’t have a huge knobby tire)

The Torker LX is in your price range at around $100. I’m not sure what exactly those are going for right now on ebay but search for 20" Torker LX there and maybe on Amazon.com and you’ll find plenty. Just look for a place that sells them cheapest.


Maybe you could ccould also about pro from qu-ax. http://www.qu-ax.de/en/products/Unicycles/Einrad-Profi-black It is REALLY good for freestyle, but it’ s only 20’’. Here is another link… http://www.einradladen.net/shop/show_product.php/cPath/2/products_id/698

Iff she is upgrading from a square taperd hub…
I think this would be great unicycle iff you were willing to spend abit
more on something that will last her:
The saddle is a nimbus gel that is one of the best saddles you can
buy and and an ISIS hub that is the latest design.
Im not much of a freestyle rider but this is what i would
buy iff i was.

my torker lx has served me wonderfully

24" nimbus ISIS? good for freestyle but nice size so she can ride it a bit faster if she likes commuting. Its quite expensive but if she wants freestyle and a commuter its really good. Also its nimbus so good build quality