Puncture repair, useful tip

Old puncture repair kits used to contain a small piece of yellow wax crayon for you to mark the hole - not a good idea when the first stage of the repair process is to use emery paper to roughen and decontaminate the surface of the tube!

Many punctures are tiny, and by the time you’ve roughened the surface and applied the first layer of glue, you can easily lose sight of the hole and put the patch off centre.

I have experimented with various methods over the years, then today I hit on an absurdly simple one: a pair of clothes pegs equidistant from the puncture, with a mark on each peg lined up with the hole.

Attached photo illustrates the principle, but was taken after the repair was done.


That’s genius. Thanks for sharing.

Use a pair of scissors to make the hole so big you can’t miss it. If it gets bigger than the patch – visit an optician.

Good idea. I just locate the puncture, than apply the glue first to dead center of the hole, and swirl it clockwise until I make a nice circle, a bit larger than the patch. That way I know that the hole is dead center of the glue circle. if you want to confirm it, simply stretch the tube a little while glue is still wet, to expose the hole location. :slight_smile: