Puncture repair and inflation

The Crux tyre on my KH29 is a very tight fit and it would not easy to get the tyre of the rim and attempt to fix at the side of the road while out on a long ride. What do others use for an emergency tyre repair, such as sealant and CO2?

I’m using Stans’s sealant in a splitted half tube ghetto modding: https://www.instagram.com/p/B1_75J-oafj/?igshid=1ail8rz531rqh
Riding with a 20g Co2 but never needed it.
I did insert sealant directly inside the tire using a syringe

One of my setups requires a lot of force with the tire tools to remove to tire. If I were not quite as strong, I wouldn’t be able to do it. I’m guessing, however, that it can be done with less force and better technique. I can get the plastic tools in place, but it’s the spreading of them that takes so much force. I would be sure you can’t make it work with tools before spraying nasty stuff inside your tire.

My longest rides are about 20km, so worst case scenario for me is that I have to walk back. I’ve only fixed 3 uni tires in the last 4 years of unicycling and only one time I got a flat while riding with the 29" in the forest. That wasn’t very far at that time.
I do always ride with a set of Allen keys, because I had a few times that the bolts of the cranks loosened.

Stan’s also works very effectively in butyl inner tubes. This is the method I used while I was waiting for my carbon rim to arrive to go tubeless. I had been getting goat head thorn punctures routinely on my local daily ride, but after injecting just 2 oz of Stan’s into the tube, I still picked up plenty of goat heads but every one of them sealed immediately.

Stans for Electric Unicycles

I tried Stans on my 10" electric uni and it worked great!
I don’t usually use sealant in my tires because of the added rolling weight, but this would be what I’d use in an emergency. It comes in a tiny bottle, super easy to fit in your pocket. Just be sure to remember a valve puller!