pulling up on touring handle?

I recently got a KH touring handle for my 29", mainly to be able to get weight off the saddle for longer rides. The whole thing was unnerving at first but I’m getting used to it and enjoying it.

Going up or down steeper hills, though, I find easier to pull up on the seat handle (which I have done for years) than on the touring handle (which I just started doing). Pulling on the touring handle somehow seems like less leverage, and seems to result in the seat wobbling much more if my pedalling is a bit jerky.

My question is: should I keep trying to pull up on the touring handle rather than the seat handle, or even for experienced folks, is there some slope at which you switch to the seat handle?


The seat handle will have better leverage since it is in an almost strait line between your body and hub.

Personally I don’t use the seat handle much but have my handles set up so I can have two hands further out or one hand closer in to the saddle for “power moves”

I do the steepest climbs on my MUni on which I have just the seat handle.
When I have a touring handle, I never reach for the seat handle anymore, all is done with the touring handle.
Not saying this is ideal - it’s just what I grew to do.

Same here,

When I ride with the touring handle, I never grab the seat for climbing.
But I have the T-bar close to the seat, about 2 -3 inches away from the seat grab handle.

I replaced the grab handles on all my unis with the freestyle bumper. The grab handle is redundant if you have a T Bar or some custom bar.

I have a T Bar on my 36/32 and I pull up on the bar ends just like I would on a grab handle, works great, then when I’m on smooth ground I can ride with two hands.

I have curved bar ends that are cut and mated in the center to form a single “loop”, this way I can grab it either hand wherever I want.

Turtle has an mtb grip on the center portion of his T Bar which he uses for technical ridinh, then he has the dual bar ends on the T for easier stuff.

I’ve mostly stopped using the seat handle, but still like having it on there, it’s what I hold for mounting.