Puller needed for K1 Street Cranks?

Is a puller needed for k1 isis street cranks, because my right one just pops off if i unscrew the bolt, but the left bolt wont even turn, so i don’t know if it will come off as easily as the right one.

I have never worked on a Koxx

The cranks on my KH were greased at the factory and slide off the splines easy once the allen bolt is loose. I am pretty sure all splined cranks are the same, as opposed to the taper on square axles that gets wedged on. So take the bolt off and tug away ! Both side should be the same.

The left side crank bolt is not left threaded

That’s just for pedals.

if it has puller threads than it probably needs a puller.<-- at least from my expierience.

ISIS cranks taper on the axle. When Cody had street cranks they had that black ring in the crank on the outside of the bolt so it made it self extracting, as you unscrew the bolt it cant come out so it pushes against the axle and it pulls it off.
The trial k1 cranks do need a crank puller.

OK, I’m likely wrong

I rotated the cranks on my 05 KH24 , to even out the tire wear. It is non ISIS splined, and I’m pretty sure it had no taper. I assumed my 07 KH20 would be the same. Tire’s still good on the 20, so I never looked.

Yeah the kh/onza cranks don’t taper on the axle, you just need to tighten it against something.
I like these for flatland crank tricks because you can put extra spacers on the axle and get more room for your foot, with ISIS cranks you can’t have the cranks any farther out.

Yeah, that sucks for roll tricks. Just wait for my mod cranks though :wink:


the self extracting does not work becuase the bolt are too short and loose the contact to the axle thread before the crank is getting loose :frowning:

A normal crank extractor will not fit because the threads in the cranks are not clockwise …

You have to use a bearing puller. I think it is easier to remove cranks and bearings together.