Pulled over by police

I agree totally, people are illogical and unreasonable. They see a unicyclist and assume ‘unbalanced clown’ and either run & hide or move in a totally unpredictable way. More than once I’ve been forced to dismount (at low, pedestrian maneuvering speed) but someone who saw me coming but refused to act normally. They’d try to get away from me, and move into the gap I was aiming for, and then berate me for putting thier life in danger…
“Well maybe if you weren’t so paranoid I might get on better. I’m prefectly capable of missing you without your help, thanks”
…Remount, ride off.


Disclaimer: The above is not a direct quote. I am not that sharp witted to think up something like that at the time, usually I apologise profusely, give them all the space they need and then carry on my way (sometimes on foot).

It was rather snappy, so I think you should remember it for next time.