Pulled My Rim Out Of True Or Worse...

I think I jacked up my wheel set today.

I either bent my rim moderately, or just pulled my rim out of true.

I just wanted to know what you guys think about the matter.

By the way its a 2007 drilled KH 20" rim.

How did it happen?

you just said the same thing twice, don’t mess with the spokes at all and take it to a bikeshop :slight_smile:

…what do you mean said the same thing twice.
and it was trying to 180 a 5-set.
only got about 90 degrees…

Or, If you know what you are doing you can fix it with a spoke wrench, zip-tie and a tensometer, But then you probably wouldn’t be asking for advice. A bike shop will know what to do.

Harsh, glad I never messed a 180 up like that. You should get a solid rim, like a koxx. Considering your the one who broke a dx right? Yeah… Just get a solid rim when you can.

off a 5 set? that is really lame… but then again i flatspotted mine off a 4… you have a KH right?

anyways, slightly out of true and bent are the same thing… can you even feel it when you ride? does it really matter to you since you can’t?

also, if it is the kh rim, the first 4 times i knocked it out of true, it decided to straighten itself.

Ah, well as skrobo said, just take it to a bike shop, they should know what to do.

what do you thats lame???

He means a 5 set is really small to most.

oh…im not very good…

What kind of tire pressure are you running?

Hey, don’t discount yourself as not being good. I’ve seen some of your vids and I like what I’ve seen. I can just barely get down five set yet, haven’t even tried 180ing one yet.

well. ive been running about 23 but today i was running about 18…

it shouldn’t happen off a 5 set, i have done it off a 9 and had the rim be fine… the spokes probably weren’t tight enough or something.

lol no, i’m saying that it bending off a 5 set is really lame… i would expect a 200lb rider could do a 90 off a 5 set and be fine, unless its a huge 5 set landed way off

eh well ill take it to a bike man and see about the fix. and while im at it, im pretty sure ill bring up a sponsership…

it was about 4 feet…

4 five set 4 feet high? That boarder line retarded. Not said I dont believe it, but why have steps are 1ft high each?

it is at some middle school…i dunno. just saying abou what theywere…they are somewhere around theyre…