pull spokes,push spokes............? Wheel builders dream thread

so on a byke they allways say that the pull spokes sould come from the inside of the wheel,with the push spokes coming from the outside and for good reason because of torque from the chain.

i was bulding my 29er wheel tonite thinking if in fact the we sould ride forward with the pull spokes coming from the outside because the backwards force is greater than the forward thrust.

think of a big drop and all the force that goes into the landing,most of it backwards force to keep the wheel from spinning out.i think that it may be better to run a unicycle with the pull spokes on the outside because of that severe reverse thrust.

Well Brandt says there is no measurable benefit. On a uni with idling, bw riding, and fore-aft balancing it would hard to say what is push and what is pull. For drops, I imagine that the overall vertical impact is so much larger than the horizontal-cancelling torque that the latter is negligible.

In other words, I don’t think it matters.

:frowning: awh man,thats not any fun.i was hoping this thread would go on and on focusing on the mediocre…

If any of your spokes are pushing, I don’t think they are tightened enough! :smiley:

Well, it depends on what kind of spokes you’re using…

If you use something really flexible, like say, rubber bands, you may be limiting yourself to rather low speeds and may also have a lot of trouble when idling.

If you choose to thread your rim with, say, slighty al dente spaghettini, then you’ll have some trouble riding in wet or muddy conditions, but you can expect delicious results if you are lucky enough to encounter a puddle of al Fredo or Marinara sauce.

On a 29-er, just how many big drops are you going to do? With rubber band or pasta spokes, I’d say, on average, just one.

Why not thread every other spoke “pull” and the rest “push”, and then every 20 minutes of riding, loosen your seat post and swing the saddle around, and ride 20 minutes in the “opposite” direction? Don’t forget to tighten those cranks, though!

Everybody knows that Sheldon Brown must be consulted when it comes to wheel building.

He has addressed much of this in his SYMMETRISPOKES and POWerwheel.

Alright alright, I confess to being a stick in the mud. Sheldon Brown’s inventions seem to hit the spoke on the head, while Sendhair’s gastro heaven makes me want to go riding. Paco, though, should stop wondering why his wheels always taco.

i intend to find out.i hope i cant stay away from the side loads and land straight.

And you can find him any old time, loitering at the intersection of Expertise Street and Obsession Boulevard…

DUH?? i meant can