Pull apart Uni every 30-40 rides?

is this a good rule, and do u guys do it, the regrease all moving parts of uni, rotate cranks, etc.?

Yeah i remove the cranks, rotate and regrease, strip the pedals to check bearings and regrease, check the bearing holder bolts and seat bolts on my Muni. I do it less on ym trials but do also rotate the tyre to stop getting a flat spot. Incidentally this is for splined cranks, if you take square tapers on and off you’ll eventually wreck them and the hub!

I mostly only maintain stuff if it starts making a noise, or not working.

I grease the DMR pedals on my coker every so often, cos they’ve got a handy little grease port to put grease in, otherwise they go clicky after heavy rain.

If I stripped it down every 30 rides, that’d be once a monthish, I just don’t have the time. To be honest, I think doing maintenance when you’ve not got problems isn’t a good idea, cos doing the work can cause problems.


Do they have a handy grease port to ease regreasing after lots of water has got in through the handy grease port? :slight_smile:


Why if you are rotating the cranks do you rotate the tyre aswell? Surely if you rotate the cranks then you have effectively rotated the tyre as the cranks line up with a different part of the tyre. Infact, if you rotate them in the same direction then you will end up causing a flatspot on your tyre rather than preventing one.


They have a handy allen key stopper that sits in the handy grease port to stop rain getting in.


Explanation needed, as my trials has the modern KH cranks i feel the need to rotate the cranks only infrequently, the tyre needs rotating more than this so it needs to be done on its own sometimes. Obviously if i was rotating the cranks i wouldn’t do the tyre aswell. In any case, I would only cause a flatspot if i rotated them the same amount in the same direction, which is unlikely to happen.

the KH guide says to pull apart the unicycle every 30-40 rides.
I was wondering ‘why’?
Pro/con with doing this versus leaving the uni alone?

I bought my grease from department store.


Everytime I changed cranks or pedals, even if I barely rode in clean, paved conditions, the clear grease becomes a dark grey/black after I disassemble. I was baffled at first, and each successive time, I wiped clean the old grease even more, and put on new grease…but still, same results.
Since the color isn’t brown like dirt…i was thinking, is this because the axle(or pedal spindle), which is black, is being rubbed against other surface and is actually effectively being ground and material is transferred to the grease? I was just very concerned/curious…that the clear grease becomes ‘dirty-looking’ so quickly.

The gray/black color comes from the aluminum, and as you see, it gets that way after a very short amount of time. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong or wearing faster than it should, it’s just a feature of aluminum in general.

I’ve been using this stuff, sure hope its ok!

silver-colored, luster, Aluminium turns black?? :open_mouth:

My general thoughts are that if you keep your uni in a shed/garage rather than in a heated house, ensure you take everything apart when you clean it. Ensure everything’s thoroughly dry, regrease and put back together. Otherwise the water will sit around in places like the bearing holders and rust things up.
Ideally also do this if you keep your unicycle indoors but I know from experience, when you’re cleaning your unicycles in the bath and your living room is the place for maintenance and storage, full disassembly and reassembly is not so easy!

I’d also recommend getting some threadlock and using it every time you re-assemble - this has pretty much dropped the occurrence of bolts coming loose on my rides to nothing since I got a bottle.

For the outside of bearings and pedal threads, any grease should do fine to help stop corrosion. Ideally waterproof or you’ll have to replace it more often.
Lithium grease is generally pretty nice.