Puça Video

Enjoy :slight_smile: !

Its unavailable apparently! :frowning:

I want to see Pau Puça (and lorenz :D) !!! :D:D:D
Small kids that do everything xD and have a nice style

:astonished: Sick! I loved 450-SIB and 360 on wheel-SIB Lorenz, and Pau the 3 spin off that massive stack of pallets was sweet. Why bad quality though? Anyway, amazing video. How old are you guys?

I think Lorenz is 12, and Pau is 14 or 15 :slight_smile: They’re small though :wink:

THAT WAS SO CRAZY!!! You’re better than me a lot younger, makes me feel bad!

I think the quality is just because it hasn’t processed yet!

both pau and lorenz are 13 years old :slight_smile:

Only 13?! And yeah now the quality is better, I’m about to watch in HD :).

7 spins, handrails, and trey dubs, niiiiiice!

Really awesome riding! Loved the video. Lots of creativity and really smooth. Keep it up Lorenz and Pau!

this video just makes me wanna punch myself in the face. i quit riding around 12 years old and started picking it up again at 16 (this year). little behind in the progression but catching up now! Great riding guys. You Poham’s are always stealing my songs! Good taste i guess :wink:

good as always!

Well done kids :smiley:
Here it is in HD and also for download:

watch: Puca Video Lorenz&Pau
get: puavideolorenzpau.mp4

I did NOT just see that.

Insaaaane guys. You guys will no doubt be the future .

sick vid!!!
awesome style!! :slight_smile: I love the 3spin of the pallets, 7sidespin :astonished: , the trial lines, al the flat combo’s of lorenz, well I think everything :stuck_out_tongue:

you guys are better than 80-90% of the all trial/street/flat unicyclists!! :roll_eyes:

and editing, filming and music were also very good

Omg, did that really just happen!?

I’m REALLY impressed by the level of riding in this video. Pau is awesome at street and Lorenz’s flat is just awesome. Both of you guys have great style!

Please never stop riding!!

awesome! 3spin drop was insane, kid’s got no fear! :smiley:
7spin and treydub were sick, 360 on wheel thing was cool too :slight_smile: where is pau from, im guessing france if bobousse filmed him?

haha… no he is from spain :wink:

No, Pau is from Catalunia

ah :stuck_out_tongue: okay!
now I have to ask, at 2:10 is that Impact logo on the wall or are you just absolutely amazing at masking raphael?! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

it’s in spain… i think… or i’m shit at geography :stuck_out_tongue:

@alisterburt: haha :wink: noo… its a sticker on the wall ;D

haha +1,µ
you better not say he is from spain…