publicity op lost

i know i should do what i can to get the general public used to unicycling, but i just couldn’t bring myself to do it this time. this guy with the shorthorn, the campus newspaper, asked me if he could do an article about me and my unicycling. the fame i already have is causing people to shout my name whenever i ride past and to recognize me even without my unicycle. a newspaper article would make it unbearable. shame on me and my selfishness :frowning:

i hear ya man,i hate that when people get all mad because you didnt stop to listen to there banter on how cool/hard/crazy/interesting you are or crap like that.

some people get so mad and say nasty stuff as i pass just cause i dont stop or acknowledge their redundant praise.its rediculas,they wouldnt do the same if i shouted at them “HEY NICE RUNNING SHOES!” what are they,how much?,where did you get them???

what makes them think i dont have to be somwhere too…what if a deaf person was riding a uni though a populated area?

Hey Jagur,
My hearing’s so bad, I might as well be deaf and it does make it a lot more bearable:)

I went the other way. Today, at school I landed a 5 set just to show up some seniors (12th graders, not people over 65) with their skate boards. My crank needs replacing now, though.:frowning:

i can’t find anywhere to practise any new stuff either without getting an audience. i was trying to kickup mount today, and this bicycle-cop stops and watches, and also was talking to me. what happens more often is dirty looks from people when i mess up a freemount, or when i use something to help me mount. i usually have a messenger bag, weighing 10-20 pounds, and that makes my freemounting a bit less reliable. sometimes, i find myself looking for concealed spots to mount from. upd’s hurt (emotionally?) a lot more too