Public transportation

Hey, can you put a unicycle in the rack on front of public transportation buses like they do with the bikes and take them on the metro?

What’s wrong with carrying em on?

Someone might yell at you.

This has been covered before. Basically some people can get away with carrying smaller wheeled unicycles on the buss and some cant. If it fits there should be no problem putting it on a bike rack.

It’s been stated before that under CA law were still considered pedestrians, so I’m not worried about it :wink:

If the driver wants to give you a hard time, he will. So don’t do anything that might make him want to give you a hard time.

Most public transit systems will have no specific policy, so it’s really up to the driver to decide whether you can carry it on or should use the rack. If the bus is crowded use the rack, if it’s more or less empty, carry your uni on and be sure to keep it out of people’s ways, and off seats, and you shouldn’t have any problems.

As for metros or subways assume uni=bike. If they allow bikes carry it on, if they don’t allow bikes don’t. If you try anyway keep your uni as much out of people’s way as you can and you shouldn’t have any problems. If someone tells you can’t have it there if you apologize will get you farther than arguments.

Cool, just wasnt sure a uni would stay in a bike rack. Once I get better, I want to uni all over the place. I figure I can jump on the bus too at times since as a student, I can ride for free.

It would depend on your uni size as well, you would probably not want to take a 36" onto a public bus.

you live in Montgomery County, MD, right? i’ve found that 24" and 29" unis fit ok in the racks on the front of the buses. you just put the wheel in the spot where the front wheel of a bike would go, with the seat resting near the spot that the rear wheel of a bike would go, and lift that arm that clamps the wheel up over the tire to keep everything in place. there are 2 different styles of racks, the older metal ones and the newer mostly plastic ones, and some tire sizes don’t work, but i forget which combinations, other than that a 29x2.2 is about the biggest either rack can take (unless you deflate the tire). if it doesn’t seem secure, i’ll ask the driver if i can take it inside the bus, or sometimes they’ll just offer that option if it looks like i’m having a hard time making it secure. i’ve also taken my 36" on buses several times, but never when it was crowded. a couple times, i’d been told to put it in the rack, but upon explaining that it won’t fit, i’ve been allowed to take it on. i always do make a point to keep it out of the way of other passengers, though. as far as Metro, i take my 36 on fairly regularly, but i generally don’t ride the train during rush hour. i think it’s probably best to assume that a uni=bike for the purposes of Metro, especially on the crowded red line.

I think uni=folding bike, which is treated differently on some systems.

I used to take my giraffe on the busses to get to my busking spots. It was always hit-n-miss as to whether the driver would let me on. Most of the time they did, but on occasion the driver would not let me board at all…I just had to wait for the next bus and get on then.

Once I was there on a bus, I was in a seat with the giraffe standing up tall between my legs. The bus was getting crowded and a gentleman got on and had to stand in front of me. He grabbed on to my Giraffe neck as if it was one of the bus poles. It looked just like a bus pole and I had the seat wedged in. under the other hold on bar. that ran along the length of the bus so the uni didn’t move around much. I just smiled and let him hold onto my unicycle for the whole trip, hoping the bus didn’t jerk around too much. I don’t think he ever figured out it was a unicycle he was holding onto.


lol Great story. :slight_smile:

I do live in MC! I am seriously thinking of getting a 24" cruiser this summer after I get better at cruising. Since I take classes at the college, I can ride the bus for free. So I"m hoping to get good enough to uni and also I can get on buses on longer trips for periods for transportation. Then leave my car at HOME! But would a KH20 work too? At work a 24" Nimbus cruiser is pretty cheap for me. I might get that. They only have KH muni’s and even though its a good price, thats out of range for now and I think from reading the posts I would like a Nimbus muni anyway. I figure if I later get into muni, I can change the wheelset. I want to use my car soon only when I need to take stuff home. Is locking up a uni a problem also? I am not sure since most dont know how to ride one that they would steal it lol.

this is a good point, and WMATA, MARC, and VRE allow folding bikes at all times (the former allows full-size bicycles during off-peak hours, while the latter two allow folding only). i guess it kinda depends on the size of the uni; a 36"er, especially one with a handlebar, is bulkier than most any folded bike, while other sizes are comparable to or smaller than a folded bike

edit: i don’t find it really pleasant to be on crowded trains, so i avoid the metro in general during peak hours anyways.

As my friend Glenn would say, one person with a uni takes up a lot less space than one obese person.

I wonder if I take it on if I would get a full seat then? I’m being serious!! Since I’m very narrow, the fattest person will sit next to me so they can take their full seat and half of mine. NO JOKE! :angry: