Public Service Announcement! CHEAP MAGURAS

scroll down
a pair of magura HS33s used for $100

just thought i’d let people konw



yah, if you want maguras for 50 bucks a pop (if you split w/ someone) this is a sweet deal :slight_smile:

i’d be willing to split with someone.

Where do those ship from and how do you go about ording them?

would you be interested in going halfsies?

I might but I gave my brake mounts to Evan…

Possibly, I’m just wondering how we would go about ordering it, what the shipping would be like and if the cables on both sets are long enough to reach the bottom of our seats.

Brian O is in line ahead of me, but I will go halvies if he doesn’t

Go-Ride is in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ve ordered from them before. Call them up on the phone and order as much as your wallet will allow.

I’m down but I can’t buy untill next month.

Go for it, seems like a bit too much trouble for me.

Thanks BrianO!

Abbabibble - check your PM’s


The cables will definatly reach. I recomend having a bike shop cut the cable to the apropriate lenght, the break fluid is ultra- corosive and itchy

done. sent you an email.