Public ride

I’m just announcing that I went for my 1st public ride today.
Along the prom with my son on his bike. It felt really good.
Beats skulking around in a deserted car park.

good feeling. congratulations.

how long have u been at it?

congratulations! it’s a great feeling (sorry, chosen, bit of an echo there)

now get your son a uni & come along to BUC. I’m giving my daughter her first (of many?) uni that weekend


I have been riding since January.
I don’t pick it up quickly but I’m very keen.
I also definately intend to come to the BUC. I’m just trying to sort out whether my family are going to come too. Can’t see my 6 yr old coping very well with the indoor camping lark.
There’s very few unicyclists around here at the moment so I’m really looking forward to being stunned and amazed by some unicycling talent.


Other riders with young families attend BUC, including myself. This will be my 7yr old’s 3rd, and this time she is even keen to get riding.

If it is like last year, there will be a quiet room for families, or any others that may want to sleep some. Food included in the price also works well.

The potential for you to learn new skills at BUC is huge, it is probably the most unicyclists you will see in one place, until next year at UNICON !!! So I would highly recomend you get there.

See you in Billingham


I can think of five 5-7 year olds who should be there this year, including my two. Both of mine were inspired to try harder once they saw another 5YO who was better than them.

Although they haven’t been to BUC before they enjoy attending UniMeets & except for the car journey are looking forward to BUC.


I went to last years BUC after having been on one wheel for only 3 weeks. I was amazed by the talent of the youngsters!

I could hardly stay on my wheel and there was 5 year olds whizzing around me backwards!

Got me inspired to get better!

See you all at this years BUC!


What can you do now T?
I’m interested in what I can expect after riding for a year.

No worries, Cathy. Mind I’ve been on my wheel every day!

here goes…

One footed (either foot altho one is bad, 1 is good)
side hop about 2foot high
rolling hop about 1foot high
side hop 1.5 metre length
idle one footed (either foot)
down almost any stairs
side mount
suicide mount
kick-up mount
still stand for about 5secs
seat drop onto foot (and cycle off!)
muni on deep mud
pirouettes off a pole/person
Hop on tyre (can’t get back down yet tho)
freemount giraffe (running mount) & idle it & go backwards
freemounted a coker last night!
pedal/crank grab
eat/drink/smoke on uni
unicycle to work/university/shops
probably some other stuff that I can’t remember.

check out my video to see what I can do!

It’s at
It’s called “Last Try! I’m sick of this”

Hopefully see you at BUC, I’m off to GMTW this weekend!


plenty to aim for there then.
See you at BUC.

Alternatively you could achieve Level 1, and then say go for a 10 mile off road ride at night, stopping at a pub after 8 miles (I have managed to get out and do this 3 times this week as I am training for Red Bull). A rider who learnt this year apparently rode down Snowdon last week, a great downhill route.

Alternatively find some other riders and play some games of hockey, Uni’s are great levellers when Reading played regularly the age range was 8 - Adult, we all played together at the same time.

For me going for a long evening ride is fantastic, whilst trying to do skills frustrating. What you will achieve in a year is dependent on what you want to do (and available time when you have a family). Attending BUC will show you what can be achieved, leaving you to decide your priority’s.