public perception of seat holding

You try standing a few yards from a player desperatley trying to get the ball through you. Basic instinct kinda kicks in and takes over.

Side note, where else to put your hands? Not allowed to touch the ball any way.


Most people who see us doing it make some comment about Michael Jackson. Then I show them that there’s a handle and they,'re like, “Oh, now I get it.”

ive never had a handle comment since i stoped using a reeder handle. which quit frankly looked like bill clintons nether regions.

I started holding the seat when I learned you could ride faster that way, and I never looked back. Surely some people wondered what my hand was actually grabbing. My silent response was basically “This is what unicycling looks like.” 2-man Luge looks pretty silly as well, but I’m not going to fault those guys.

Back when seats didn’t have handles on the front, believe me we looked a lot worse. Nowadays it’s much easier to see we’re actually holding onto part of the cycle, not ourselves.

If people ask (they very rarely have), I say something like “This is the handlebar!” This is even more true on my Coker, which has a lot more “bar.”