Recently started unicycling a week and two days ago. Got a sun uni with a 20x2.125 slick on it and am not sure what my ideal psi should be. I’m riding for short distances, freemounting and turning as well as climbing so I’m pretty stoked. On breaks at both my jobs, BOTH of my bosses are learning with me.
So far we’re all advancing at similar levels but weigh differently. Is there a scale we can use too get our correct pressures?

For my personal use I weigh 120lbs. Not sure what they weigh.

if all your doing is just riding on the street and not jumping of high things i recommend a high tire pressure. you shoul just use about 55 psi and your bosses should use a couple of pounds more. if your going off roading you want a little less pressure but its mostly self prefrence.

as long as the tire is keeping the rim off the ground that should be good. well, probably more to keep it from “wandering” but all you really need the tire to do is to stop you from riding on the rim. I keep just enough air my my muni tire to stop me from folding the tire and hitting the rim on big drops.

MUnis are always going to be run pretty low. For normal use, and learning in particular, you want to run a fairly high psi. I would go with somewhere near the max the tire allows. This will provide you with a smoother, more predictable ride and make learning easier.

Well put, Daniel, those are my seniments, exactly

Re: psi

On Mon, 18 Oct 2004 20:26:04 -0500, “unidad” wrote:

>Is there a scale we can use too get our correct pressures?

You mean like a table for weight versus pressure? I don’t think so;
there are more variables like tyre width, sidewall stiffness, riding
style, personal preference.

For your use (learning) a high pressure is good because it gives the
most direct “feedback”. There are two types of limit on high

  1. the stated max pressure on the tyre, although for unicycle use
    people tend to go over that by sometimes as much as 50%.

  2. in case you are riding on an imperfect surface: too much discomfort
    of feeling all the little bumps. I can add that a perfectly flat
    surface (like a gym floor) aids in learning.

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