PSI above recommended. OK?

For some reason I prefer tire pressure much higher than the recommended max, like 15 or 20 psi. Is this uncommon? Furthermore, is it OK?

No, based on the tire manufacturer it is not ok. I’ve read that the rated pressure is about half of what it would take to blow a tire and it seems that bicyclist get way going over by 10 - 20% without too much problem.

Of course the rims can fail due to over pressure also.

Maybe ear plugs would be a good safety item to add. They make a lot on noise when they blow.

As Jim said, a blown tire is LOUD especially indoors.

I have popped a 27in by 1,25in tube while filling to 110psig and it’s like a gunshot. A Coker tube is at a much lower pressure but has a high volume so there is comparable stored energy there. That said, I run my Coker tire (recommended 32psig max) at 50psig regularly with no problem. Nathan borrowed my Coker for a race once and pumped it up to 80psig with no problem.

If you push the limits sometimes the limits push back.

I guess it’s all dependant on whether it’s a risk you are willing to take.

I’ve gotten away with running over-pressure on my 36 and an old 27. I don’t think I tried on any other wheels other than the homebrew 32 where I blew a skinny spliced together 32" tire with over 100 PSI in it, yup it was loud.

You can see a blurry pic of the carnage on this post.

If you are running over-pressure check your rim-strip. The plastic kind found in rims with large holes won’t hold up to the extra pressure, especially in warm climates.

Beside it being smart or not smart to do. I think especially on the uni when your tires are too hard, the wheel starts to bounce when you ride over bumps. I stick to 35 PSI on all unis and 20 for the Hatchet as it shouldn’t have much more. For the 32 and 36 I could do more than 35 of course, but I don’t want those super hard either.

JOOC, what’s the reccomended pressure range on the hatchet.

Whatever it reads on the tire of the Hatchet.

I regularly ride with anything from 40 to 60 psi on my KH24, KH29 and KH36, and about 80 psi on my 28.

My bikes have around 90 psi in 700c tyres.

I thought it had 20 max. It seems low, but it is a totally different tire than on other unis.

I double checked and the 26" Nimbus Hatchet (from UDC UK at least) comes with a Maxxis Minion FBR 26 x 4.80, 120 TPI tyre. According to the Maxxis website, this indeed has a maximum 20 PSI.

I run my TA tyre at about 45-50psi (rated at 32) without trouble. Some tyres are obviously going to handle it better than others, and if you’re running it tubeless I probably wouldn’t chance it either. I suppose it depends what you’re riding on and the gear choice but a little bit over shouldn’t cause trouble really, you could probably account for an extra 10psi just from things like having crap pumps who’s gauge doesn’t give a true reading for example

It really depends on what kind of tire you’re talking about. If it’s a max 15-20 tire, sounds like a fat one. If they’re on a fat rim, those may have more “leverage” to pop off the rim at higher pressures, but I have basically no experience with really wide tires. My impression is that, when ridden over bumps where the tire might compress a lot, it may be more likely to pop off the rim if the pressure is too high.

You should be reasonably safe if you go 10-20% over, as mentioned above. If you want a much harder tire, you should probably go narrower (rim and tire) for the ride that goes with that.

The most common tire width on unicycles is still 1.75". That’s not on a Muni and not on a Trials, but it’s on maybe 90% of all unicycles being made currently. Tires on those unis are often labeled with low max. pressures, like 45, if they aren’t unicycle-specific tires. Those can usually be pumped up to at least 60.

Note: Whenever you go over the recommended pressure, make sure your tire is well-seated on the rim, and even all the way around. If the seating is good, and the rim isn’t too wide or narrow for that tire, you can get away with a lot more air than if it’s not on there right.