PSA: WTB Kodiak 29" x 2.5" only $40!

Niner bikes, call em’ up and tell em “Ben” sent ya’!

1-877-646-3792 (9-5 PST)

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Uhhh, I hope no one bought one of these :o

It sucks for muni, seriously, just get a Racing Ralph 2.4, you’ll like that one a whole lot more.

See my review…

Huh? First u say buy one then u say don’t :thinking:

he got confused also

I bought one based on reviews and some cyclist feedback, found a great deal, bought it, rode it, hated it.

See my review, but then again, there is a review by David in which he said he liked it.

I have one for sale, PM if you want to try it. I’ll give you a great deal :slight_smile:

i ride a 24 sorry